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  1. rxnxr23

    No Women=Disturbing

    I one hundred percent agree with you. Not only is it super autistic and sexist, but it's also incredibly unrealistic. Not only are women major participants in warfare, but they are often the CAUSE of conflicts to begin with. How did NATO court popular opinion in advocating the bombing of Boko Haram? The supposed kidnapping of the girls. In Rwanda in the 1990's when they heard that a Tutsi man was talking with a Hutu woman what would they do? They would launch a military operation to destroy his entire village. What was one of the reasons Osama Bin Laden blew up the twin towers? Because we were killing their families and WOMEN in Lebanon. In Operation Arrowhead I really felt that, like I was destroying an integrated society and not a Royal Order of the Moose meeting when I called in airstrikes, and I would always be like "Damn, what am I doing" when I would find an "Old Takistani Woman" model beneath some rubble with the super violent gore texture applied. Aside from the civilians, what about the military? I know there's at least one German chick on Armaholic that plays this game so what about her? You force her to play as some baloney eating heterosexual white Anglo-Saxon male. In this global travesty we call the War Of Terror, women played the central role in two major events I can list off the top of my head: Jessica Lynch and her rise and fall, and Lynndie England with the Abu Ghraib scandal. So this just doesn't exist now? And to round it all out BI PROMISED that there would be women in the game and even showed screenshots and video of this. This is not a comedic post by the way in case the corporate committee at BI assume that. It's another example of your fucked up stupid development and how you focused on the DayZ standalone to make $$$$$$$$$$$$ while Arma 3 was in Early Access. The moral excuse - that women would be seen *gasp* in their UNDERWEAR - is beneath extended discourse for its absolute fucking stupidity. You can end a human being's life by shooting them point blank in the mouth with an assault rifle and that's okay and not out of the ordinary, but if a woman walks by in a bikini it's obscene and too graphic to show? I feel like I'm in the fucking Twilight Zone here. ---------- Post added at 04:35 ---------- Previous post was at 04:16 ---------- I endorse this post. It's a shame they banned him, because he's a logical, critically thinking, alive human being unlike many other posters in this topic.
  2. rxnxr23

    AI and LIFT CARGO/DROP CARGO waypoints

    i got a chinook to pick up an apc and carry it across the map just fine, but when i told it to drop it in a massive empty flat open field it just would like start to set it down then take off again and fly in circles forever. ---------- Post added at 03:57 ---------- Previous post was at 03:53 ---------- these might help if you use it in the init of the waypoint but i havent tried: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ropeDetach https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ropeCut i think one removes the ropes and the other cuts the ropes and then removes them, but im not sure.
  3. nice job. reminds me of the features in SLX for arma 2 i think it was.
  4. I forget where I first saw this, I didn't come up with it, but I've been using it since Arma 2 and it works every time. I searched forever to find this solution and I thought that I should post it in case one day somebody else is searching like I was and needs a clear, definite answer with no pitter-patter between rival coders. It's so simple, but it has such a huge impact on gameplay. All it does is make it so all unarmed people in the game are considered civilians. It works the same as the "Surrendering" module in Arma 2 in a way, but it allows the player to do it too. I've used this mainly for missions where you're an Iraqi insurgent or a Taliban fighter so you can move through checkpoints and around the map unmolested as long as you appear harmless. Here's how to do it: One last note: I think with how the AI works in Arma if they see you with a gun and you get rid of it real quick they'll shoot you anyway as if they "remember" that you had a gun a second ago, so you can't cheat and exploit the stupidity of the AI/the nature of the programming. This makes it so if you are considered hostile you'll need to duck into or around an object/obstacle/building/foliage in order to hide your weapons and re-assume your "civilian" disposition. I think this is a desirable glitch in this circumstance.
  5. rxnxr23

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    wtf i feel neglected as a consumer
  6. rxnxr23

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    alright so who do i call so i can play it. you say its not entertainment but it seems pretty entertaining to me.
  7. rxnxr23

    Using the ISIS mod? Shame on you.

    i honestly wish bohemia made a resistance style campaign for operation arrowhead where you are jihadists or at the very least tribal warlords
  8. rxnxr23

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    i played arma 3 and wasnt particularly thrilled because of how much it seemed to sacrifice in terms of realism. it reminded me of the king of the hill episode where hank hill gets invited to a focus group at the mall where the lawn mower company is showcasing its new mower. they try to pitch all these high ideas to these rednecks like the fact it has vanity mirrors, luxury cupholders and european seat warmers and at first they are enthralled by these new features, but eventually they realize the at its most basic level the lawn mower no longer is able to mow a lawn. i always heard about vbs and i know its used in some capacity to train soldiers. the ads always pitch it as a defense industry product with academic applications. so i go and check out vbs3, which is the latest one i take it, and im like dayum. it has all this crazy stuff in it that i wont even go through here, but it is obviously more well-rounded as a simulation of a warzone than arma is. the little things that really bring it home are there. i also noticed that it uses all real world vehicles and weapons which is another thing i dont like about arma 3. so what im tryin to say here is why are vbs and arma even separate entities? why cant vbs be released as arma would? is it just too damn realistic and they dont want the enemy to train with it? i dont get it. i would literally rather play vbs3 instead of arma 3, but i dont want to call and get a "quote" or have to verify my DOD id card or some shit to play what is essentially a video game.
  9. rxnxr23

    Articulated vehicles?

    attachto isnt dynamic though or am i wrong in ACE2 there is the "towing rope" which you use to tow vehicles and i believe in its scripting it uses the attachto command. the outcome of this is that the towing rope is more like a metal pole between the two vehicles. if the towing vehicle turns to the right, the towed vehicle will turn at the same time as if it was a physical construct extending from the rear bumper of the first vehicle. rhodesy i also saw that thread you were talking about by aps gnat that uses some hole and pin method. he made it possible in OFP, but never updated it to arma 2. so perhaps using the same method the same effect can be achieved in arma 2.
  10. was gonna make a thread about this. articulated trailers/trucks would be a huge addition to the game especially with real world content. if this were possible you could reload scuds with a zil131, and to see civilian tractor-trailers driving on the roads would be cool. someone could even develop an advanced mission where supplies are delivered to NATO depots by civilian logistics contractors, like what was happening in iraq during the 2003 conflict.
  11. thanks, i'll try those. btw i like your sig sv5000 "arma 2 forever" this may seem kinda strange, but does anybody know of one thats partially or fully enclosed by land on the borders? like on chernarus the north and west borders are land and the south and east borders are water. it feels more immersive that way. i remember seeing some map that was set in switzerland, but it was an island in the middle of the ocean which made it kind of surreal lol
  12. i'm also lookin for an answer to this even if its a jerry-rigged solution. i want the diary to be an impersonal objective system like morrowind in this mission im making. youre an afghan and you start the game unarmed, but as you go through the world and talk to people you can do things like join the mujahideen, grow food, invest money, be a news reporter etc. as you talk to people i want it to add entries in your diary such as "my friend abdullah has spoken to me about a local mosque in bastam that needs a new imam. he said that the valley's mullah might know more about the situation. i can find him praising allah on the rocky crags south of nur." the only problem is that i would like to change the diary entries or delete them relative to things that happen along the way.
  13. the reason why i like this script is that the enemies start in a specified position and move out to dynamically capture areas which feels more organic to me and similar to project reality for bf2. i dont know a lot about DAC, but i understand it has to do with players going into certain areas and then ai being created. i like this more because the enemy's existence isnt dependent on the presence and observation of the player like quantum mechanics or something. its not confined to zones so you never know what youre going to find or whats going to happen. ive had my base attacked, ive driven to the middle of nowhere and been sniped, ive driven around a corner too fast and had a convoy of 3 technicals in front of me. i can also use it in conjunction with CEP caching to reduce lag whereby i populate the map with clutter and checkpoints and bases but have CEP disabled on the commanding units for EBSS so they continue to carry out their operations. its not perfect, but i appreciate the cross-map movements and general sense of a dynamic front line. btw do you know off the top of your head how to disable unit spawning when a player is within a certain distance of the commanding unit? or to turn off spawning when a trigger is activated? i remember doing it once a long time ago and it worked, but i lost the mission file. like lets say i have a wizened takiban warlord living in the mountains in a camp full of men with tents, ammoboxes and what not. if a NATO soldier goes into the camp as long as hes in that area can i stop the takiban from spawning? and lets say the soldier plants a satchel charge on an ammobox "cache" and destroys it thus activating an !alive trigger, can i then make it so they will never spawn there again? thanks again.
  14. a map like chernarus, but with the ability to go in houses like in ofp and oa. it doesnt have to have all of the buildings enterable, but at least more than the 1 or 2 that are in chernarus. thanks.
  15. miroslavl map causes it