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    ArmaHolic ArmA 2 Optimization

    Hi, i didnt want to start whole new topic becouse i have quite short and simple question. My performance sucks quite bad, bad only when really close to smoke bombs. Otherwise its ok. So i was wondering since there are some mods IMPROVING quality of particle effects as in making them visually BETTER... Is there a mod that makes particle effects (or just smoke) worse, as in lowering them, to improve its performance, decreasing its load on gpu? ;) I was searching for it but didnt find it. Also if there isnt such mod, how come? Thx for your attention soldiers! :cool:
  2. Hi, i've checked lot of content for optimising Arma 2, for best peformance, setting pre rendered frames or whatever to 1, defragmenting, and so on... I've achieved 40 fps ingame while playing on multiplayer which is nice. But. Whenever i look towards smoke that is near me fps drops to about 18. If the smoke is further than 20 meters it doesn't affect fps, but being very close to helicopter just befor landing, when all the dust lifts up, turns down fps a little. Being very close to smoke from smoke grenade drops my fps drasticly to about 17-18 fps. So my question is is there a way to reduce particle effects quality or something, to reduce that fps drop. Now like i said i searched many sites for optimizing arma II but nowhere have i found how to improve fps in this regard. All i can find about particle effects is tutorials how to make better particle effects. So, any ideas out there how to deal with this problem? And don't ask me for my PC configuration, those are always futile questions, if someone has the information that can help, he can answer without that info. With respect, Grass_hopper