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  1. kiwigreen

    Arma 3 Science Fiction Map

    I am still getting error message Cannot open object a3\vegetation_f_exp\clutter\grass\c_forest_biglleaves.p3d which is stopping me from using the map is anyone else getting this or know of a fix ? cheers
  2. kiwigreen

    Arma 3 Science Fiction Map

    keep getting Warning Message: Cannot open object a3\vegetation_f_exp\clutter\grass\c_forest_biglleaves.p3d when trying to load the map onto the server any fix for this cheers?
  3. kiwigreen

    AlienZ Mod

    Did i read somewhere that you are porting this to arma 3 icebreakr ? i hope that is true :)
  4. cut the man some slack, real life commitments come before all else. I for one am just happy we have such talented people putting in hard work and making things for others to enjoy. stop acting like a 5 year old and having a moan.
  5. Where to download the map please?
  6. Yea can't wait to try this out looks amazing