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  1. 7Cav Wiper

    Air Cav Vietnam Mod

    You can contact one of the The ACV team: Mac, Skurnicki, White, Hansen through 7Cavalry ts or pm them on our site https://7cav.us TeamSpeak Server Address: ts3.7thcavalry.us Password: 7thCavalry regards MSG Wiper
  2. Yeah sorry this a good while ago in this thread I took forever to reply, I quoted that out of context. Basically the Paladin M109A6 "BIG BROTHER" Soul assassin and Noubernou Is now in the game since its physics are fixed and it no longer falls over. Back at the alpha of Arma3 Noubernou posted some vids online tracking arty shells with proper ballistics. It would be great too see the old arty system, Shells, FCS and collimator all back in with this new Collab. Obviously a lot of work but Arma3 currently has no First Person realism based artillery systems, would be amazing to see it added to the WIP list.
  3. Yeah I know haha, I have been pestering nou about it for about a year. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?121095-M109A6-Paladin-v1-1-(UPDATED)&p=2860503#post2860503
  4. You guys should get the old Artillery Computers back in the paladin now that its back in and working image of old FCS
  5. 7Cav Wiper

    ZAM - ShowNames

    That sounds great thanks, I am definitely interested it sounds like it would work even better using XML.
  6. 7Cav Wiper

    ZAM - ShowNames

    For example if a player had -SGT- in his name it would give him the SGT Icon. So that in large scale clan operations etc the actual clanrank of the members would appear as their icon rather than just that units slot rank set in the editor. Im not saying the mod should do anything just wondering if its possible as you seem to have good knowledge of this specific area.
  7. 7Cav Wiper

    ZAM - ShowNames

    Very nice mod lots of great features many of which toggle. As you said in the video many realism clans do not use the in game ranks. From the way you edited your friends name I take it that is also a editable/grab-able value. Do you think it could be possible to use text in a players name such as -SGT- to define rank automatically. I am just wondering about possibilities I think it may be a tad to technical for your mod.
  8. 7Cav Wiper

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    Ah sweet excited to see a decent artillery computer again.
  9. 7Cav Wiper

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    Nouber would you ever consider releasing said version without the self-propelled part working ?
  10. 7Cav Wiper

    set gun elevation

    How far did you get with this, was following it for a while back in 2014 @quantenfrik
  11. 7Cav Wiper

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    Sounds great PhysX isn't too bad I was expecting many other problems, so the FCS works fine ?
  12. 7Cav Wiper

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    I have also been wondering this, sorry for the thread digging but definitely an amazing vehicle which is well missed. Would be great if we could find out what happened after the Front heavy youtube video and stuff.
  13. Yeah I would definitely love to find out if he ever solved the issue and if there is a possibility of it being brought across in the future.
  14. Yes sorry, that's what I was talking about. Its similar but i think the laying of the gun etc especially with an already existing vehicle such as the scorcher may be a tad difficult. Would love to see someone bring a similair FCS system over to A3 in the future.
  15. Drongos artillery Fantastic mod from what I have seen so far and works excellently. I was wondering if you would ever consider making an iteration of this mod that would allow human players to be inside of an artillery piece and use your call for fire type GUI as a FireCS. Basicly the user would use your system while they are inside the vehicle in the gunner seat for example and the artillery piece would lay itself to that co ordinate. I am asking this as much as I calling in the rain I also love to send it and point and click doesnt do it for me even if its just a few more actions it would make all the difference. I saw earlier that you said you had not played A2 but im not sure if you might have seen the FCS system that ace used to use below. image link below regarding the FCS system I'm talking about http://raceriv.com/arma2/afcs_01.jpg