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  1. It really looks awsome! I have one question. I'm building my own map with TerrainBuilder. and I would like to use your roads. but if I place them, the AI will not drive over the roads. I have no idea how to use other roads then Arma's roads Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for helping with Skype and teamviewer. Just to let the other know that the explanation was given was good, but the addon was bugged, after downloading it again and extracting it, it worked! thanks for your help. Also thanks for setting up my roads so that I can give an order to a road, so I can tell which road goes over the other.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply! I did get an error: missing \jbad_structures\bridges\jbad_kamenny_most30.p3d Also missing the textures in the buldozer, is that perhaps a way to check if the addon is in the right path? This is the path where the p3d is located on my computer: P:\jbad\Jbad_Structures\bridges\jbad_kamenny_most30.p3d Then i changed the path to: P:\Jbad_Structures\bridges\jbad_kamenny_most30.p3d Then I got the error when i click view output(s) ERROR: \jbad_structures\bridges\jbad_kamenny_most30.p3d is faulty The addon name for (null) cannot be determined and in the pboProject.exe CMD screen I see this: MakePbo x64UnicodeVersion 1.90, Dll 5.24 "Nederland" Warning: \jbad_structures\bridges\config.bin Filesize of 1518 bytes does not match actual character content of 0 This is probably not a text file pbo: reqaddons. could not find a cfgpatches class for wrp file refs makepbo failed I have no idea what I am doing wrong EDIT: I placed the addon in p:\Modname\ and that also did not work.
  4. I'm trying tu use jbad with the terein editor, i know how to unpack it so i can load it inti the library, but where do i unpack it. Because when i use it now, it all works but in buldozer i am unable to the textures,mand when i export it to a working arma mod it wont work, because it cannot find a file in the config.bin somewehere. Doex i need to be exported in a special folder or/ and in a special path name? Thanks in advance
  5. In what Library are the roads located, I can't seem to find them. Thanks in advance
  6. amiscus

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Perhaps I missed the post, but when I remove the FOB, it also removes all the vehicles, except the ones that are there when the mission is started., the arsenal will also be removed. and when people die at the starting base, or logout there, their body's remain, they will never be removed. is there also a way we can set starting parrameters a bit different? be always play with basic CLS, and when you start the missions it starts with advanced Regards, Amiscus
  7. Are there any Mines and or caves? couldn't find any. if so, can anyone link the coords? ---------- Post added at 13:42 ---------- Previous post was at 13:36 ---------- 220335 is a strange looking place, is that intended?
  8. amiscus

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I've been trying to find this, and I am sure someone has asked this, but could someone throw me a link where I can find, how to turn on the vision whil unconscious? Or is it possible, when you are unconscious that that person will get a birds eye view? Regards, Amiscus
  9. amiscus

    NLD Units

    This is awesome!!!!! thanks for making this and then even more appreciation for releasing it to the community. Have you guys also thought about normal vehicles, that the dutch army uses most? MB 290GD? been trying to find something like that for ages.
  10. amiscus

    ASOR Gear Selector

    Hey Is there a way I can remove the option to load on respawn option? I love the script, it will replace VAS! the number 1 reason is that it is all sorted so well EDIT: NVM I found it, it is in the config.cfg //Reapply gear that was selected when ASORGS was closed when respawning. ASORGS_ReapplyOnRespawn = false; I am blind. Amiscus
  11. Trying to find if there is a way to have multiple users loin into MCC at the same time. Can't seem to get it to work. Also when I do not add a module anyone gets the option to use MCC. I only want specific roles to use MCC, and the admin. I did only use it when I hosted the game on my computer and in the editor. Does it work different on a dedicated server?
  12. It seems when I use a script to go in the init of an object, I am not able to save all sqm... the save all sqm button keeps on flashing, I let it flash overnight and in the morning it was still flashing with nothing coppied to the clipboard. I tested this on two ways: 1. Start arma with only MCC enabled -> in the editor I only placed a player -> preview -> log in MCC -> use Zeus to place an object -> double click to add init to the object -> Not able to save all sqm. 2. Start arma with only mcc enabled -> in the editor I place a player and the MCC module synced to my player -> preview, log in MCC -> use zeus to place an object -> double click to add init to that object -> not able to save all sqm Then I tried without adding something in the init of a object, and that worked fine. Is there something I am doing wrong, I have done this before and and I did not have any issues with it, untill now. Regards, Amiscus
  13. Trying that, but the selections I am using are really small, I am using about 50 objects and it still will not save it onto my clipboard, been trying for an hour no, still no luck.
  14. It takes a long time to generate a sqm file, after making a mission. is there something I am doing wrong? when I make a mission it will not save it to a sqm file, but when I place one or two items it does, I have waited over two hours to give it some time to generate is, it keeps on flashing the save all sqm button. but when I try and paste it in notepad, it remains empty. it does work when I place only a couple of items. is there something I can do to make this work for larger missions? Amiscus
  15. Thanks for the link, tried it and it is not working, at least not while previewing in the editor. What I would like is to have it only work when in a ground vehicle.