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  1. TheConen

    Server monetization program

    I just want to address an argument that's always brought up from the "Pro Monetization" side (and has been brought up in this thread, too): Needing the monetization money to pay for the server. As a leader of one of the larger ArmA communities in the german sector, I can say: this is simply not true. There was a time where I paid our server myself, with my own money. About two years ago (IIRC, exactly two years ago), we started to do so called "donation runs", where we would give members of our community the opportunity to donate some money if they wished so - completely voluntarily, without getting anything in return. Since then, I never had to pay the server with my own money again. Our last donation run was in December 2016 and collected over 1100€, which will pay our server for more then the next two years (the server is ~40€/month, and it's running several websites, Arma servers and HCs without any performance problems). So whenever someone says he needs monetization to pay for the server, I just don't get it. If you can't run your community by voluntary donations or your own money, you probably shouldn't be running a community at all. //Edit: In case anyone still wanders: I'm on the triple-nope-train.
  2. TheConen

    XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    Hey there, the last update seems to have some incompatibility with ACE3 - the "Passengers" option for vehicles is not shown anymore in the ACE Interaction menu which prevents medical treatment in vehicles. We removed the mod until that is fixed.
  3. That's definitely the most important thing! Also I recommend to read this: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html Regarding the "missing addons" error messages: They are usually caused by a corrupt download, the addons are definitely in CUP Terrains.
  4. TheConen

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Dude, you should start using pboProject, there are a lot of errors in the config. I can help you with those if you want, you can contact me in the CUP discord.
  5. TheConen

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Haven't had a chance to try this yet - is the target pod view fixed? Only read the changelog on Armaholic, should've read it here...
  6. Yes, Complete is nothing else but Core + Maps combined. We only offer Complete for those who want one download with everything, on platforms with dependency support like Steam WS and PWS you will only find Core and Maps, with Maps having a dependency to Core. You can safely delete any maps you want.
  7. TheConen

    Config Errors Displaying

    Errors shall never be ignored. Every good programmer knows that. Warnings however are another thing, and - oh wonder - warnings get written to the rpt instead of pestering the player. So BI did everything right here. Period.
  8. What's not in the feedback tracker, doesn't exist: http://dev.cup-arma3.org
  9. Actually I do mind, that server belongs to me and it is not configured to handle a large number of download requests and runs several other services that might get impacted by those. We use it only for internal distribution in CUP and I would kindly ask you to remove the links to that server.
  10. You have to set your zeus module to include unofficial addons as well...
  11. In fact, most of the maps work with the new lighting just fine because with the 1.60 update CUP Terrains 1.1.0 was released which adapted CAWorld to the new lighting.
  12. Not only that, but Vehicles need a crew (CUP Units), and the crew again needs weapons (CUP Weapons)
  13. You can use nearly every ArmA 1/ArmA 2 map in ArmA 3 with CUP Terrains, including Podagorsk, so what exactly is your problem?
  14. TheConen

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    With the newly introduced target pods, the view looks like this: That's quite a pity, that way one can't use the new CCIP..... is there a chance for a fix?