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  1. Yes. 8GB is fine for gaming, 16GB is top-notch and anything more overkill. Nope. Open your case and look for the thing where your power cable goes in (pull it out before opening the case) - that's the part commonly called PSU (Power Supply Unit), responsible for converting the 110/230V your wall outlet provides into whatever your computer wants. On top of that box should be a label, look for the paragraph starting with 'Output' and tell us what written there - or even better, post a picture.
  2. Alot of these Survival/Life servers are awful - make sure it's not the server capping you.
  3. What is your definition of running? Barely? 24fps? 40fps? ((Just forget 60+ outright, it's not gonna mix with the 'limited budget' part.)) Graphics intensive or not? What sort of budget are we looking at? 1000$? Below that? Above it? Also, since we're talking about a limited budget: Is overclocking and/or used components a option?
  4. If you want that game to benefit from your new SSD's superior performance, it obviously needs to live on the SSD. Feel free to make multiple partitions on your SSD if that's the way how you organize things.
  5. His proposed rig already contains a SSD, so I didn't mention it. That's pretty much conventional wisdom if you don't want / cannot afford a all-SSD setup. No reason to not use a piece of hardware you already have.
  6. Obviously not the best rig possible, but decent for its price and powerful enough to yield a enjoyable performance. You might consider a i5-4470k and overclocking to get more fps/$ though. Do not replace for Arma 3, especially since your budget is quite small.
  7. Intel is much more important for this game. If it's a R9 of some description, you'd need a high-end i7 to max it's capabilities anyways.
  8. shx

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Mag Repack needs Moduload to work across save/reload.
  9. shx

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Just put 'if (1) then' there the next time around - saves a couple of opcodes in a already CPU-heavy game.
  10. Be aware that achieving a stable 60+, either requires a top-notch machine (CPU-wise), or quite low viewranges. This guy has serious airflow problems on three of his four cards. Quad SLI's generally aren't worth it on single socket systems.
  11. It's running fine on the TP, without significant performance changes. ((Generally, unless the application in question is a driver, or really old, it's going to work.)) Notebook+Arma3 is not exactly what I'd recommend, but if 'notebook' is a must have for you, the Y70 is a top competitor and will run the game fine (just a lot worse than a similarily priced tower). 54Wh? That's like 20 minutes under load. Geesh, that shop deserves punishment. For gaming in general: yes. However, like in many other places, Arma is a exception here, the game will benefit from every last Hertz you pull out of your (Intel-) CPU.
  12. Beyond nVidia exclusive features like Shadowplay, no.
  13. That notebooks' cooling is way to weak to sustain a full turbo and load on the GPU. ((Seriously, though, if you really want Arma 3 on a notebook, go for one advertised as gaming notebook - virtually everything else (except some business devices with Quadro/FirePro chips) won't net you it's full potential for long.))
  14. It's a notebook. There are ones with good cooling and ones who can't even keep the stock frequency (and anything in between).
  15. Your rig will definitely run Arma3 at PS3 quality, though multiplayer performance is largely dependent on the server. ((As a general MP advice, try servers till you find one you like, and then stick with it.))
  16. shx

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Are UAV Terminals supposed to spawn in regular loot boxes?
  17. Yep, ~800MB is what Windows 7 uses OOB, not much room for optimization here. Nope - AMD 2-core and ARMA3 just don't mix.
  18. Windows 7 keys are not architecture specific - get a x64 iso either from your friends/family or from Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-recovery), and reinstall your Windows. ((Even without a RAM upgrade only ~3.5GB are useable with a 32bit OS.)) As for your initial question: Yes your rig will run Arma 3, though I doubt you'll enjoy the horrible performance largely thanks to your CPU.
  19. Notebooks are portable - that's why they're bought. That feature is expensive for gaming and only goes to a certain level of performance, but it's still viable.
  20. Apart from the automatic downclocking processors do these days, I've seen notebooks with good enough cooling (sophisticated gaming/workstation models are good candidates). He specifically asked about graphics quality, and that's going to work - including a decent viewdistance. -- As for gaming on notebooks in general: You won't go as far as with a desktop, and you'll pay a hefty extra for the same performance, but it's not worse by definition anymore.
  21. Yes. It's not the god machine, but it'll provide decent performance. ((Also, the ability to overclock your notebook's CPU is a rare bonus, not something to count on.)) Stable >50fps on high and 4000m? That's way more than possible on a AMD-based build. As for your current build, do something else with your money. Unless you get a i7-3xxx (or newer) based build, your CPU will be the obvious bottleneck.
  22. Provided your engine is scalable enough and your cluster powerful enough, it's going to work - for the 10% of your users who got >75 Mbit/s downstream (or you require everyone to buy dedicated coprocessors for the algorithm of your choice). Also, input lag will be a major problem, regardless of the game you make.
  23. This game is surprisingly tolerant to bad networks - you need to go beyond 500ms/20% to experience significant performance drops (ad-hoc test on a decent half-filled 32 slots server). That engine is just a mess. Unless your reason is called nouveau, don't buy Radeon on mobile, they're just rebranded (and slightly overclocked) Southern Islands chips celebrating their third birthday.
  24. Changing your mainboard is gonna change the number of USB devices you can connect without buying a hub, the manufacturer of the network chip (nothing you should worry about unless you're designing mainboards), the colour of its RAM/PCIe slots and little else. Seriously, a mainboard has exactly zero influence on how many fps you get in a certain game - if that mainboard fits your rig physically and has enough USB ports for your needs, you're good. -- As for the AMD CPU: Yes, you can make it work (especially if you're more focused on money than graphical fidelity). However, buying a similarly priced Intel CPU will yield you more performance in this game. -- As for overclocking: Unless you definitely want to use that rig in 10 years, do it.