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  1. Hello Everyone I am looking for new Arma2 OA Dayz Mod friendly players for my 12 ppl private server that ı rented from Nitrado Gaming If ınterested pls add me through Steam so we can talk more.. My Steam ID is 'devoutmt' And nick as 'Fedai' (There are lots of Fedai's so pls choose the one wıth a shıp pıcture) I can also answer some questıons about 'HOW TO DOWNLOAD INSTALL AND UPDATE THE GAME WITH THE WORKING LAST VERSIONS AND SOME MODS IF YOU BOUGHT IT FROM STEAM', through thıs post wıth my few but usefull experience about running the game properly.(Especially wıthout editing any files)I am sure most of you know Dayz Commander but ıf you cant get ıt workıng just ask away.. OK guys hope you have fun playıng thıs great survival mod