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  1. I delete and reinstall game. Game working again. To change the settings need edit the file \SteamAppscc\common\Carrier Command Gaea Mission\settings.xml. Settings, changes another way, not saving. This is bug.
  2. Yes. Maybe, this is not game error. Steam rewrite ccsettings.xml on my local profile file in game folder, and, as soon as delete ccsettings.xml in game folder, steam at once delete ccsettings.xml on my local profile. Maybe, this is the reason impossible to save game settings: game settings saved on local profile as soon rewrited.
  3. OK, i not have permissions to create threads. I byuing Carrier Command on Steam and have next problems: 1. Game not save settings: screen resolution, keybindings, mouse sensitive, e.t.c. 2. When I manually edit file ccsettings.xml, game does no start to run. 3. When I delete ccsettings.xml, game not create new ccsettings.xml and does no start to run. Please, send me ccsettings.xml.