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    Arma Tactics - Issues

    I'm still getting killed through walls, so nothing has been fixed (for PC version at least). Other issues are with: - being unable to continue game most of time, just loading screen on top of everything, with mouse cursor visible only. I can open menu, but it is behind loading image, still, possible to exit to menu by clicking on bottom of buttons, that are partially visible. - Some skirmish games spawn enemies inside ground, like, buried inside, and even at the spawn point. - Skirmish games spawn enemies in same positions - It is possible to put on silencer on sniper rifle, even if I have no silencer bought - In third mission (Operation Tempest - Connection Lost), where I need to get to disable radio, and do it stealthy, silencer attacks are considered failure. It should be possible to use silencer attacks, as long as other enemies did no see that. - On same third mission, some enemies on roof spawn one on top of each other, like two guys, spawning on same spot - The same third mission, it is impossible to get to radio/computer thingy without alarming guards, they are staring at those boxes directly, there is no way to go around them!? - When drag-n-dropping move order for units, it is very hard to direct them inside building, because it shows roof on top of interior, need to drive camera around, point carefully through window, or do other mumbo-jumbo, just to make it understand, that I don't want unit to go on roof, but to go inside. - Same issues, when movements suddenly stop in middle of way. That was often an issue with 2nd mission (Operation Tempest -Getting the hell out) and only with previously wounded guy, that was walking, rather than running and sometimes stopping middle of movement. Maybe, that was its role, to show that he was wounded and could not move "correctly". I'm using 218774 build from steam, on PC. Just now, opted into development build (276719) v1.4127, and will try if it is any different. Yes, it is different. - Loading is now possible, currently, no issues - Was able to finish 3rd mission, just because random enemy spawn was no looking right at comm spot - Sniper rifle no longer with "free" silencer Still, new issues with: - When in 3rd mission you move to the border of map, where you need to exit, it is very hard to point UNDER the bridge, because of same problem as I mentioned before, where it is very hard to go inside buildings, because roof is going in top layer and not allowing to click under it, inside building. Same story here, bridge not allowing to click under it. - When in armory, when you click on weapon, click on "Show upgrades" button, it turns into "Show items" button, after that, click on upgrade and see how "Show items" button turns into "Show upgrades" button again. This game has so low quality, that I want to play X-Com 1 again, which had NO issues at all, everything was consistent and understandable, not like here, where you wonder, what this or that button does, what those objectives mean, how those mysterious enemies "work", what is the mission, etc. Everything in that game is low quality, except graphics, at least, those graphics, that are there (scenery and characters), not to mention stuff that should be there but it isn't and the fact, that maps are almost the same, building plan is almost same, assets reused everywhere, parts of map useless (because it is so far from goal and no enemies are there), because I don't need to go there - there is nothing. This game does not need polishing, it needs serious rework of UI/HUD, quest mechanics and armory, otherwise you will get too few clients, to sell this masterpiece.