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  1. Certainly! Thanks for the reply and taking the time to check it out. Here's the link to the release thread. The first post contains all the links required to get the mod installed and working. I'm using the Isla Duala version. There's a version for an island called Pantera, but it's apparently outdated. "http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?80020-Guerilla-Warfare-SP-Dynamic" Thanks again.
  2. Hello! Firstly, let me apologize to any admins if I have posted this in the wrong forum. I know I should be posting this in Mr N's thread discussing his mod, but I was alerted that the last posts were over 1,000 days ago, and it suggested I start a new thread. So that is what I have done. Hopefully this isn't a mistake. If it is, again, I apologize. So, I have just recently re-installed and starting playing ARMA 2 Combined Ops again, and I'm having a blast playing with Mr. N's Dynamic Guerrilla War Mod. I'm a huge fan of single player, as I've never been big in multiplayer in ARMA 2. I have everything required of the mod, Isla Duala, the Fastrope Mod, and I installed Chammy's awesome sound mod. And, of course, I am aware of and keep experiencing the transport helicopter bug. That is, for those who may not know (which I doubt, considering the age of this mod) the bug in which the chopper never returns to base instead just hovering above it. This then results in never being able to call in for an extraction. This isn't too bad, if your mission is fairly close to base, however, when you're dropped halfway across the map and it happens, it becomes really frustrating. I have searched and searched Mr. N's original release thread of the mission for any solutions, but I didn't find any at all. (That's not to say I didn't miss it or something.) So finally after several hours of reading and searching google, I decided to turn to the community here, as you all are a very helpful and patient group. I know the mod is really old, but I do enjoy using it and it still works, except for the aforementioned helo transport bug. Does anyone know of a solution to fix the stuck chopper so it'll land and add the option to call for an extraction? This mod is great, and I'd like to keep playing it, but not if I have to keep walking back to base from the other end of the island. Again, more apologies for by proxy-rezing a dead thread, asking about old and probably abandoned mods, and probably posting in the wrong forum. :( And, thanks to everyone in advance for any help on this matter. --Lee