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  1. sapioit

    Biggest map possible?

    Thanks! I'll need all the help I can get.
  2. sapioit

    Biggest map possible?

    Thanks! You sent the link for Arma 3, but I'm interested in the link for Arma 2, which seems to be this one: https://www.pmctactical.org/arma2/terrain.php I think I will manually populate it, unless the result is in a text file which I could edit using a bit of programming to randomly generate things like villages, cities, and so on. Though I could manually make those, too, if it's not too time consuming to place each building.
  3. Hi! I very much like the Dayz Epoch mod, but I think all the current maps are too small, and a bigger map would allow more players to be on a server at a time without feeling overcrowded, and it would make air vehicles not be too overpowered, like in normal Dayz Epoch mod with the Chernarus or Napf map. I read in two topics (1 and 2) that the biggest possible map would be "4096 heightmap with 999 meter cells is the biggest", "thats 4096 x 999m cells = 4091.9km x 4091.9km", and even with low quality terrain, I think people would still like it, for it's sheer scale. I'd like to populate it with buildings which can be opened, because it means some of those buildings can be turned into bases, and no longer will you see buildings which cannot be looted or used to escape the zombies or used to defend from other players and bandit-AI-enemies. This would be the first map I make, and I don't know what or how to do it. Would you, please, help me with some guides (ideally with videos), on how to get it done?