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  1. wantafanta

    Arma toolkit for Maya

    so should we be sticking with obj or 3ds? I will say that the max tools would be great if they still worked. i personally cant stand working in object builder and its time consuming to export lods to make quick fixes in 3ds max.
  2. wantafanta

    Terrain Processor Tut ?

    well... its limited by the amount of time your willing to dedicate towards generating the heightfield, attribute map and sat map and what kind of system your doing this on. i usually let L3DT use all available cores so it means not having the ability to do much else while its generating.
  3. wantafanta

    roads not showing in buldozer

    ok for those who are still wondering i forgot to update this post when i found out what was causing it (some wonderful people on the skype/discord channels helped me out) i just fudged the lat and long of the map extents (i gave it the real values instead of the dummy values that is basically hard coded into the engine so my roads were showing up but way off the map.
  4. wantafanta

    tanoa lite?

    so today upon downloading apex to our units server we realized we cant even make use of tanoa since not all of our members have it and we cant tell members they have to buy it. this is fracturing the community (something i remember bohemia promising they wouldnt do) so is this something that is planned? or tanoa with those ads like they have for the other DLC? kinda bummed out over this since i purchased apex for tanoa and wont ever get to use it now for the foreseeable future
  5. so in an attempt to slim our mod repo down a tad were looking at removing some un-used mods (mainly nato sf weapons pack by massi and some other mods) and its a requirement for one mod we do actually need (UKSF by massi) so i started doing a bit of research in an attempt to find a solution that wouldnt require keeping both or removing both and i found a link on the wiki for creating replacement configs for arma 3. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_3_Replacement_Config_Tutorial one thing im not too sure about though, is if this will solve the issue of not being able to get into the server due to the fact that the requiredaddons line in the config for UKSF_mas still has his weapons pack as a dependancy. this is something ive never attempted before but i have a feeling that theres gotta be a way to solve this without needing to find a replacement that doesnt have a dependency
  6. wantafanta

    Terrain Processor

    found out the issue.. read the terrain processor tutorial on the wiki... it states that the mapframe needs to be at 200000 easting and the northing needs to be 0 why, i dont know... it would seem this is hard coded into the engine.. theres alot of info on that wiki page that should be available on the TB wiki page... since it does not have anything to do with TP but to do with terrain making in general
  7. and? he should literally list off the tools you get with it on the subscriber page so we know cause im interested but i wanna know what my cash is going to since like many people, im broker than broke.. but that doesnt mean i wouldnt be able to afford this if it was actually going to give me an advantage over the current tools.. until today i had no issues with PboProject but now i cant pack my island (no changes aside from heightmap edits and re-exporting the wrp)
  8. wantafanta

    Moving Map cords

    ive got a question.. i read some posts from back in 2013 when people said that you had to set your mapframe specifically to 200000, 0 for the bottom left hand corner or you wouldnt see your roads... my mapframe is the actual bottom left hand corner and i think (though im not sure) that this is the reason why im not seeing my roads...
  9. wantafanta

    roads not showing in buldozer

    if anyone can take the time to help me with teamviewer or something like that send me a PM, super bummed out i cant get this working since ive followed more than one guide on roads for arma 3 and it still doesnt work.. tried reinstalling my P drive even.. buldozer no longer crashes but it does not show the roads...
  10. what else do you get with the updated tools.. i read that hes no longer supporting the free version?
  11. wantafanta

    roads not showing in buldozer

    i tried using the roadslib file from the atlas terrain guide, it would seem this crashes buldozer entirely now... starting to think its my shapefile or the tools install... whatever it is its been more than a few days with no progress...
  12. wantafanta

    roads not showing in buldozer

    yeah, and no errors.. packed just fine.
  13. wantafanta

    roads not showing in buldozer

    i exported the right layer... but i did change the road texture to a different A3 one (in the roads_new folder) swapped out all the paths on the first entry left the rest alone. gonna try packing it and will report back edit: would appear its not working...
  14. wantafanta

    Terrain Processor

    same on the giving up for a long time, but now i have a new idea for a project and im commited to finishing it. thats the exact same thing i have in my editor.sqs (aside from the path) i see both lines before and after the loadnewroads line in the RPT for buldozer... but i dont see anything aside from that, i see error messages saying that the editor folder isnt even compatible anymore... but its running the script so im confused with what it could be.
  15. wantafanta


    vbs3 has multimaps (i think its called) would be AWESOME if we had something like that for arma 3 but i have doubts that would ever happen...