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  1. can you just make the keybind file again doing it through arma is buggy and stutters a lot sometimes doesn't even change the keys cuz it lags and stutters tfr is useless cuz it overwrites my movement controls
  2. alrighty well here's my ts3 crash dmp with the new key u gave me https://www.dropbox.com/s/s62of4c8do7nxyj/ts3_clientui-win64-1407159763-2014-10-24%2020_47_30.062224.dmp?dl=0
  3. i just found a big bug if u have the new tfar activated in ts3 it will unmute ppl can u change this please some ppl just need to be muted permanently
  4. first time woahs lol when using tfar disable in game ptt and vad or bind it to another key what ever your ts3 ptt is, is now direct chat further u walk away he less u hear ppl(set on yelling in game)ctrl tab)(i set vad on my ts) your new radio sw transmit is now caps lock and long range is ctrl caps hope this helps a bit
  5. well i downloaded the files from that link and ts tells me this: Plugin failed to load: Api version is not compatible but heres the dmp file from last nights crash https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ftcs2ieeedf1dr/ts3dmpx64.dmp?dl=0
  6. im running the latest tfar and ts3 and tfar crashes my ts and freeze my game a lot the only way to fix this is to force close ts then restart and my arma is fine whats causing this issue playing on invade an annex latest versions on both altis and strais causes this issue
  7. not sure if this was posted but my taskforce crashes my teamspeak and arma after editing the keys i dont use the channels 1-9 sw or lr so i deleted the binds for them all now it crashes my game anyway to fix this future replies to my post read this first no i wont go default as stated earlier post i have a different set up for controls and cant be changed
  8. AND so how do you change the keybinds ingame?? i would like to know cuz this keypad bs is pissing me off nope u need to change it back i have my radio controls completely reconfigured not to mention my move buttons use the numpad so now i cant move
  9. Scorpious

    United States Air Force

    http://play.withsix.com/arma-3/mods/At1kgWXM4xGU9AAVF72WTA/united-states-air-force this is the link for it so not sure what it is dev or not should i be getting an earlier version?
  10. Scorpious

    United States Air Force

    if its posted sorry not reading 117 pages of stuff i downloaded the Version: v0.3.01 alpha on playwithsix and there is errors. is there a gonna be a fix for the errors of opfor nvg goggles, binoculars and stone throw grenade? this is an issue with some other mods also
  11. Scorpious

    how do i fix the sound????

    is there a link for this documentation, i just cant find it anywhere
  12. Scorpious

    how do i fix the sound????

    well as i said i dont know what im looking for also the only difference is theres no wss files being linked or a sound file i can see at all so what exactly and i looking for? this is why i need the help and with ppl saying look and search without telling me what to really look for doesnt help shyt, Chinese is easier to read and my altitude is 200 feet not that calm this high way to windy lol
  13. Scorpious

    HAFM Air mod RWR config fix

    can we get this signed or add the ix to the normal hafm air??? trying to run verified server and cant use this fix
  14. Scorpious

    how do i fix the sound????

    is anyone helpful here at all or what.............................................