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  1. I got this error message every time i did run arma 3, what does it mean? Does it mean i successfully downloading BE but cant install it or i failed to download BE and install it also ?
  2. peyotekonak

    RealTimeEditor 5

    Hey i have a problem here whenever i tried to export i got this message "RTE CAPTURE NOT STARTED" http://i61.tinypic.com/2llok5t.jpg (213 kB) But the RTE is already active And its weird in tutorial video i saw there message in debuglog "Hook Installed" but mine there's no message. How do i fix this ? I really like to use this..
  3. peyotekonak

    Arma 2 campaign harvest red best ending?

    Thanks for reply i am glad i have done all objective in previously mission.. Right now i am at mission called Bitter Child and i've to decide which side i should join NAPA or CDF. So i like to ask. what you guys recommended to join ?
  4. Please excuse my english and sorry if i write this topic in wrong section. I just bought arma 2 and oa on steam and right know i play SP mission called harvest red. I read few guide on internet its said arma 2 has many endings? and that affect every mission we play. And before i start campaign i like to know how do i get best ending ? Thank you