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    PvP / TvT similiar to EUTW/TacBF

    Try this mission: ARMA3 Total warfare - vanilla Altis mission & RHS version Altis/Kunduz: RealTac-RHS-CTI-Sector-Control-PVP-Mission They also have a steam group: ARMA3 Total Warfare
  2. joemac90

    [A3 Island] Alpha: Pianosa!

    Great map with lots of new features since your last release, new beta would be great, much prefer you finish this first and then Golan.
  3. joemac90


    Well done, well made addon and mission, we could do with more like this from BIS, official or unofficial. Has anyone tried this without AI just PVP?
  4. RealTac RHS - CTI/Sector Control - PVP Mission This is a modification of the Total War Mission (by eRazor - ZDROB-Team-Missions) a team/squad based PVP mission incorporating multiple mission scenarios included in one mission file. Now features a New Kunduz RHS Mission: Featuring: Lightweight mission framework / easily editable using BIS markers Customisable via mission parameters High server framerates with high player numbers Sector Control PVP game modes : Attack & Defend / Advance & Secure / CTI Scalable : Small, Medium and Large Mission scenarios Verteran PVP but Noobie friendly with an in-game start wizard / help Map Locations/Missions with multiple scenarios in one mission PBO RealTac Kunduz RHS : 13 scenarios - Mods Required :RHS Mod/Kunduz Map RealTac Altis RHS : 16 scenarios - Mods Required : RHS Mod Optional Mods Essential for teamwork CAB A3 SHACKTAC Mods Task Force Arrowhead Radio RHS Mod Kunduz Map Getting Started Watch the Tutorial Video: Media Screenshots Downloads Mission Download - Dropbox Armaholic mirror: RealTac RHS CTI-x (@) Credits These missions have been : Modified by [PAC](Iceman/VOY) of the Polish Arma Community Originally created by eRazor - ZDROB-Team-Missions Community/Events This is a multiplayer mission/gamemode and naturally there are official servers running this mission. If you are interested in trying this mission with PVP veterans please sign up to the ArmA 3 Total War Steam Group If you wish to organise an event feel free. The ArmA3 Total War Community are able to publicise events via the steam group and even particapate in your event.
  5. joemac90

    Talk to me about ArmA 3 Multiplayer

    For pure high frame rate PVP similar to project reality/tacbf try: RealTac RHS - CTI/Sector Control
  6. joemac90

    Adding Markers to Zeus Interface

    I would also like this feature. I have tried using this script but the markers are not added to zeus. _markers = allMapMarkers; zeus addCuratorEditableObjects [_markers,true];
  7. If there a script to test if a player is using the Advanced Flight Model?
  8. joemac90

    Do you prefer the Advanced Flight Model?

    I voted no but I do like the advanced flight model and have enjoyed trying to get to grips with it. I need to practice but I am not confident to fly on a pvp multipler server.
  9. joemac90

    Head Tracking for under 10€

    Thanks newboerg, I have tried your fix for drift compensation and it works no need for modification. I am using : facetracknoir Hatire Arduino Pro Micro & GY-521 Thank you all for your efforts working great but only really usefully for Jets and Helicopters. Using when infantry is a little disorienting.