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  1. armaman1

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Thanks Major :) it really help. I have one question if the same option could be added in VA too? Regards, A
  2. armaman1

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Hi Life saver developers :) can you add a quantity box in which we can type amount of mags which we tend to carry instead of clicking again and again this may make virtual arsenal quickers
  3. armaman1

    F-35B Lightning II

    well first of all thanks for the quickest response ever :) Mate, so no more taxing like other jets?
  4. armaman1

    F-35B Lightning II

    dude, with this update jet cant taxi anymore, jets start hovering without hover-mode. but when i use previos version plane it does taxi without any problem. please fix this. Kind Regards
  5. Im trying to use MCC in editor mode, any solution?
  6. Hey Shay, when i try to login i get error: [bIS_fnc_MPexec] Function 'mcc_fnc_login' does not exist could you please have a look.
  7. armaman1

    Nimitz Life

    @WarLord554 Very well buddy on top of your suggestions in my opinion: - Random enemy units patroling at coast, - Distraction could attract their attention and they leave naval base, - In this situation choppers not more than 10 meters altitude can approach base and deploy units, then friendly units can hold at base and get further reinforcement such as ammo, armored vehicles etc. - If friendly jet shot down and pilot can survive probably unconscious without map and radio comms. Pilot can only contact through text conversation with friendlies. - Enemy units wont kill if pilot stay on ground without firing any weapon. Commander at carrier can order safe recovery of friendly pilot and evac. hows that?
  8. armaman1

    Nimitz Life

    This is superb idea mate :) i absolutely love flying missions
  9. Hi Shay, i hope you're in good form buddy. I have a question when i try to use your MCC4 mod it never work for me. In modules list i have only 2 options which are Access Rights and Special forces. But on several youtube videos i noticed there should be 4 options in modules could you please help me. Thanks in Advance :)
  10. armaman1

    United States Air Force

    Hi Fuller, your download link is broken mate could you please fix this. Thanks
  11. Hi Guys, i hope you all doing well. I need help in combining 2 scripts in 1 which are VAS and VVS, please keep in mind im not using VAS in VVS vehicles i want to use them separately. All i want to know is how can i put this script in order to make it work: #include "VAS\menu.hpp" = #include "VVS\menu.h" class CfgFunctions { #include "VAS\cfgfunctions.hpp" = #include "VVS\Functions.h" }; However i dont get any error but not sure why VVS only not working, also i'm using only 1 VVS spawning location atm, no sure if i have to use all 5 (Air, Car, Armored, Ship & All). Kind request: please do not criticize me im not GOOD in scripting like 99% of you guys :) Kind Regards
  12. armaman1

    Ivory Aircraft

    Hi dude, all other planes are awesome but when i try to spawn MiG-29K i get error: NO ENTRY 'bin\config.bin.ExhaustsEffectJet' I hope you'll fix this. Thanks