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    Problems with RVMAT for glass windows

    Hi. Try to remove leading backslash. "\jdoe_test\Data\window_broken_glass.rvmat", -> "jdoe_test\Data\window_broken_glass.rvmat"
  2. cowcancry

    Door Sync

    Is it possible to sync door status (open\closed) between default building and damaged building?
  3. Hello. Where i can find building example with partial descturtion implemented? I really appreciate any help.
  4. cowcancry

    RVMAT trought glass problem

    Do you apply any ca textures on blue and yellow lights? ADDED:another test, try not to binarize model and test, just pack it
  5. cowcancry

    RVMAT trought glass problem

    Try to select your transparent glass and Faces -> Move top. It's common problem - white textures through glass
  6. cowcancry


    Hello, thanks for your addon. I found one very unpleasant thing. It looks like weapons have wrong material property. Try to shoot at soldier with ak's for example. It will produce effect as if you hit the ground.