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    [ACE3/ACRE2] Phantom Incorporated

    A session edit from our operation on 15/07/2016. We are tasked with capturing some equipment, securing intel before detonating a nuke and getting off the island.
  2. Squad name: Phantom Incorporated Timezone/location: GMT+1 Gamemode preference: COOP Contact Email: belgiumruler@gmail.com Website Adress: http://phantom-incorporated.eu Short description: An ArmA3 realism unit that uses ACE/ACRE2. Currently we count around 15 members. Language: English
  3. In Short Phantom Incorporated is an ArmA3 realism unit that was founded in 2013. We play tactically and seriously, but that doesn't mean that we're an hardcore realism unit, after all, ArmA3 is a game and not real life. Currently we count around 15 members. What we offer A modpack that enhances the experience: easy to download using our PlayWithSix repo, mods include ACE3 and ACRE2. User made missions: anyone can make missions using our template. 24/7 dedicated ArmA3 and TeamSpeak 3 servers. No rank based structure: ranks do exist, but mostly for flavour. Weekly operations: they take place on Fridays (optional) and Saturdays at 19:30 GMT. A unique economy system. Economy System: Our unique economy system allows you to pay for your own equipment using virtual money. The money is earned by attending operations and you can buy pretty much anything that's on our pricelist: this includes backpacks, vests, guns and more! Requirements: Steam and TeamSpeak3 A working microphone and the ability to speak english. At least 15 years of age and mature behavement during our operations (no screwing around). Willing to download our modpack (you need some HDD space for this). If you can't attend an operation on saturdays, you need to be able to post a message on our forum saying that you won't be playing Contact: Should you have any more questions, you can hop on our TS3 (ts3.phantom-incorporated.eu) and contact a staff member, or add Comrade Belgiumruler on Steam. Our website also holds a bunch of information, check it out here: http://phantom-incorporated.eu Media:
  4. Basic Information: Light Combat Team 'Viking' is an ArmA3 realism Unit, attempting to keep a balance between fun and realism. We have a basic ranking/qualification system, but no one calls someone else "sir", as ArmA3 is a game and not the real world. Our play times are Monday/Thursday 20 CET, and Wednesday 19 CET (campaign op). Mods: LCT 'Viking' uses a bunch of realism mods, to add immersion to the game. You can download the mods trough Play With Six. A full list can be found here: http://lctvikingarma3.clanwebsite.com/page/mods History: LCT Viking was initially founded as a special forces regiment for ArmA2, back in April 2014. Somewhere in August 2014, we decided to become Light Infantry instead of Spec Ops (because of the latter being a bit limited), and because of game spy issues we moved on to ArmA3. Qualification System: In order to make sure that everyone can play whatever role they want during our operations (AR,AT,...), but at the same time to make sure everyone knows how to be effective in that role, we use a unique qualification system. The more active you are in the unit, the quicker you advance in rank. With each promotion, you "unlock" certain qualifications. During our official trainings, you can then attempt to qualify for a certain role, and a higher ranking member with the same qualification will guide you trough a training. When he declares you qualified, you can play the role during our operations! Website: http://lctvikingarma3.clanwebsite.com/ TeamSpeak3: eurots4.gameservers.com:9131 If you are intrested in joining, or want further information, add me on steam (Belgiumruler) and we'll talk ;)
  5. Nevermind, it turned out there was a minor error in the config file :/
  6. Hello, I got some issues with terrain builder, as every time I click on 'generate layers' I get the following error: 16:26:32: Can't load image from file 'P:\': file does not exist. 16:26:32: Layers generation - PNGOVerlapV3Style.cpp bool V3PictureDataMod::LoadFromFile( const char* filename = "P:\" ) Unable to open the image file. 16:26:32: Layers generation - Unable to load the file "P:\". Any solutions?
  7. Light Combat Team ‘Viking’ is a friendly realism unit, specialized in hit & run tactics. LCT ‘Viking’ was initially founded as a unit for ArmA2 back in May 2014, moving on to ArmA3 in August 2014. We have a command structure with ranks and so on (based on the US Army), but during combat, we don’t refer to each other by rank or call anyone sir. After all, fun is the ultimate goal. Once a week, we play a campaign mission. Campaigns are a series of linked missions, with a lot of user input of what we are going to do next and persistent situations (we always start were we ended last time). Our current campaign is a guerilla campaign on the Chernarus terrain. However, those campaign missions take a lot of time to make, so quite often we play standalone missions, either made by me or by other members. If you have a fun mission, you are free to sent it to me and we play it! We mostly play on weekdays, on Wednesday at 19 CET and on Thursday at 20 CET. We also hold regular training on Tuesdays at 20:30 CET, where you learn about formations, urban warfare (MOUT), radio usage and several other things. We are always recruiting, if you are interested in becoming part of our community, just add me (Belgiumruler) or grv.rai on steam, and fill in the application on our website. Additional Information: TS3 server: eurots4.gameservers.com:9131 Website: http://lctvikingarma3.clanwebsite.com/ Steamgroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LCTViking I hope to see you on the battlefield!
  8. Squad name: LCT 'Viking' Timezone/location : CET Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop Contact email: groupviking@outlook.com Website address: http://lctvikingarma3.clanwebsite.com/ Short description: We are a small light infantry unit playing during weekdays. We are a realism group, but no MILSIM so we don't call each other sir, it's a game after all. Language: English
  9. Light Combat Team 'Viking' is an ArmA3 realism Unit. LCT Viking was initially founded as a special forces regiment for ArmA2, back in April 2014. Somewhere in August 2014, we decided to become Light Infantry instead of Spec Ops, and move to ArmA3. We are still quite small but we are aiming to continue growing all the time. We play on weekdays, at Monday/Thursday 20 CET. We also have trainings on Tuesday 20:30 CET, were you learn about formations, use of special weapons, medical system that we use in our mods, radio usage,... We play in a realistic fashion, but we are no MILSIM, so we are not calling each other sir; after all, this is a computer game, not real life. LCT 'Viking' uses a bunch of realism mods, to add immersion to the game. You can download the mods trough Play With Six. A full list can be found here: http://lctvikingarma3.clanwebsite.com/page/mods Read more: http://lctvikingarma3.clanwebsite.com/#ixzz3FZOJVyFh Contact: Steam: Commanding Officer: Belgiumruler Executive Officer: grv.rai Just fill in the application at our website and add me and/or grv.rai on steam to join.
  10. Hi, Our issue is quite simple, local server hosting is no longer working since a while now. A few weeks back, we had no trouble connecting to each other using PWS (not possible trough steam), and now it's not possible trough steam, and not trough PWS (no one can find the server). Is there any other way to host locally?
  11. belgiumruler

    Can't connect to servers in 1.63 patch

    same here... I can't connect anymore and some people can't connect to my server....
  12. Squad name: SFR "Viking" Timezone/location: Europe Gamemode preference: COOP for now, but later we will go to PvP Contact email: groupviking@outlook.com Website address: http://sfrviking.bitballoon.com/ Short description: We use the ACE/ACRE mods and are a semi-realism unit. We are always looking for new members Language: English
  13. |||ARmA2 Group||| Special Forces Regiment "Viking" SFR Viking is recruiting, see contact information below. We play every Monday at 19:00 CET, and (usually) practise Tuesdays at 20:30 CET Special Forces Regiment “Viking†is an ARMA2 semi-realism unit, based in and around Europe (although players from other countries are welcome of course). Our unit is all about playing ArmA the way it was intended, together and tactically.It’s a lot more fun to play with others, than to put up with the horrible AI on your team. We like tactics, and as such we have commanders and an order of battle.However, we are not a military simulation unit. To us, ArmA is all about having fun, and tactics are our way to have fun playing. The unit was founded by Lt. Belgiumruler on April 2 8th, 2014. Contact Our group mostly uses Steam to communicate, and you can reach us there as well. Contact any of our command staff using the following nicknames, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (if you don't have steam, you can contact us at groupviking@outlook.com Group name: ArmA2-Group "Viking" Commanding officer: Belgiumruler Executive officer: Sgt.Maj. Marshall Thank you for considering to join our unit; see you on the battlefield! Website http://sfrviking.bitballoon.com/