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  1. Hi Neo!!! excellent job, big times saving for missions makers, i 've waiting for this since long time.The future plans are very promising.....the most needed, in my opinion, is the ability to save the entire project one's and for all, directly in the mission editor. Thank for your very nice work, cheers mate!!!
  2. Thanks for your quick reply Massi! Gonna check that . Cheers mate! :cheers:
  3. Hi Massi! So,i've download all others (excellents) fresh updates of your mod and only them since this one above.All flying stuffs and missing things seems to be corrected and stable now.....though, i still got many errors messages principaly concerning sounds or planes ammo sounds issues (eg."bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/NVGoggles.sounds", "bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/Mrf...,blah,blah, laserdesignator, blah,blah", and so on.....) at least two or three time before i can open my mission in editor.95% of them are about a sound issue who had nothing to view with your mods and this problem start when i've updated your weapons pack (checked all possible unremoved old Massi's addons and it's all clear).It would be awesome if you could slide to me at least a little piece of solution or something to resolve this annoying issue. All those updates are really cool mate,a really nice job.Keep up your awesome work.Cheers.
  4. pathaber

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Hi Delta! Hehe.......:) this make my interest bigger and bigger for A3. Best wiches for 2015,cheers mate!! :cheers:
  5. Hi Massi..... Just download the last update and installing it, BUT......... ......Big problems appears.All other weapons mod are corrupted now (blinking accessories or flying around the gun, missing magazines, numerous ( a lot ) error message in SP missions or in editor and so on....).Yes, i should have to remove the addons ,but many of my missions depending of your mod. Any idea? Thanks.
  6. Thank for your reply NZ!! I'm not very familiar with that kind of handling, but i will try.
  7. Hi NZ!!! one question.......how could i give the "dogfight" paint variant on an armed version of the AT6 by simply using init line of the plane with a .paa or something? Thanks!
  8. what about the "12 extra vehicles"?where are they?
  9. YEP Alwarren!!!.......uuuhhh...don't mind my previous post.I was gone for an hour,get back,restart my pc and..........issues desappeared.All is good (exept the good ol' wrong right hand position on dmr and few stuff of same orders, ahah!!),testing all guns and attachments and work perfectly!!! I don't know how to explain that.....apparently a simple restart fix the problem ( same with my laptop ) .
  10. Many thanks for the job mates!A really wanted addons for me!! BUT some issues appeared, stuffs flying around the weapon (magazine,ironsight and magazines blinking,and some not recognizable things (using the DSL GEAR SELECTOR)).and the more frustrating is that when i'm trying to firing weapons (not tested all of them) from this pack.......it make the game's crash!!! Trying different way to launch this addons with needed requierment but, sadly ,get same results.Any idea? + trying on my laptop( unofficial A3 version) and on my desktop pc (official A3 version) (for both i'm trying with DSL GS or placing weapons/ammo crates in the editor) =same results. help or fix really appreciated !!!
  11. pathaber

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    :coop:I think this will be relatively:" AWSOME!!! ":cheers:
  12. pathaber

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    "Captain, ô my Captain, don't let us down!!!"........ok, I know i'm a bad actor. Well,again, many thanks for your incredible work......i will waitin' for Deta Hawk 2.0 !What will be will be. Cheers mate! :cheers: and don't forget to live. trivia information? ocean is made of water drops.
  13. pathaber

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Wow.....your knowledge is impressive, and teach me lot of interesting things, thanks for this very accurate answer Delta. I understand you've choose a specific way to achieve you mod in term of era details and accuracy, and I respect that.and mod is obviously not your only activity!:cheers: keep up your excellent work, and i'm really impatient to see the amazing things you prepare and working on (if I well understand) !!! Thanks Delta.
  14. pathaber

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Yes Laqueesha, it would be nice, but with a little enhancement to match the details accuracy of this mod. :) i ask that to Delta, because i 'm making a mission with Delta's units (among many others :)) and some other Delta's retextured with odgreen and switched to the east side (via .sqm) for using in lingor and other jungle look like island to make a south american regular faction trying to match the 75\85 era. And i can say that, I've been searching for an east faction who look like this....but (with all the respect I have for other addon makers and theirs hard work and the most of them are really excellent), since I've playing with Delta mod, many of other characters textures slightly burn my eyes.Since the first realease of this mod i've become an aesthete ......:p:), and if Delta get time (and obviously want to do that ( like the threes M1 in the first link of my previous post...hehehe :rolleyes:)) an M1 would be perfect to reach my goal (a little bit weird at the historical point of view but...i'm not a specialist, my bad, i'm still learning and sadly i have no knowledge in addon making).I think it could be very useful for many mission makers and for many reasons too, and could really extend the possibility of this amazing mod. :cheers: Cheers mates ---------- Post added at 14:30 ---------- Previous post was at 12:50 ---------- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d9/M60_101st_Airborne_Division_Exercise_1972.jpg (686 kB) Something like that could be cool for both side with slight adjustment via textures in editor (weapons,backpacks....). ...Don't know if the last pictures is a phoney guy (the camo look weird...) but those pictures are just for giving an idea.
  15. pathaber

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Hi Delta!! YEAH, it's a fact, this mod is already a masterpiece but,......:confused_o:...mmmhh,....did you..have an M1 helmet (post vietnam era) deep in your drawers? :blush:...please. ( I try, we never know... ;)). like this.... http://www.surplusig.com/images/us_m1.JPG or this :cheers: Thanks!