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  1. Nice Idea, but what happens when you crouch or go prone? Does this affect the mod?
  2. Great work guys! i have alot of fun with the tanks but i noticed that the engine sounds are really loud and sometimes i hear crackles in it. Is it possible to turn the volume a bit down or something like that?
  3. Hey guys, first of all AMAZING WORK! I have so much fun with it, thank you for taking the time and creating the jets! But i have two questions: Could it be that the sounds, especially the engines are a bit oversteering? They are extremely loud compared to the rest of the game and i even have some crackles in it. The second is: is it possible to lock the bombs on a target like you can do with the vanilla jets? I mean, if someone marks a target i can lock onto it with my A-10 and drop the bombs. But with these jets and the GPS targeting i wasn't able to do it. regards
  4. Robonator

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    This sounds awesome! Take your time. If you manage to make an amazing A10 in the new mod, i guess i will be playing this game with a HUUGE grin on my face keep up the great work! Without you we would have to play with the... not so good vanilla sounds and i really dont like them :D Btw where can we sign up for alpha testing the new one? hehe :cool:
  5. Robonator

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Ofcourse we are thankful, or atleast i am :D I am using your soundmod since Arma 2 and i really enjoy it. My post wasn't meant to be hostile or complaining, more like feedback and a suggestion with a few examples for anyone who is interested. Please keep up the good work! Und schöne Grüße aus Deutschland nach Deutschland ;)
  6. Robonator

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Hello guys, i don't know if someone talked about that, and i really don't have the time to read trough 87 sites, but are some changes to the A10 planned in the future? I really don't like the current sound of it and neither do i like the vanilla sound. It just doesn't feel right I would like to hear something that gets as badass as they sound in real life. Here is a Video for an example: or here for an example of the sound of a flyby etc. At 1:10 he will shoot a quick burst. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhJ_A-wvNCE I would love to hear something similar in Arma 3
  7. Hello guys. There is this one thing with the Arma 3 Terrain that bothers me almost as much as the invisible Hills and wrong hills in the distance. What i mean is moving ground if you move. It's hard to explain but i noticed that the terrain moves itself and deforms etc I made a Video to show you what i mean: skip to 1:30 to get a perfect view on what i mean. This ruins the atmosphere a bit and it always confuses me. Is this a problem by me or by the engine? i have this since the alpha. is there anything to fix it? I am playing on ultra settings with a Nvidia GTX 680
  8. Robonator

    Moving Terrain in Arma 3

    Even if you dont look directly at it, you will notice it^^ I didn't changed any settings in my Nvidia CP and can you tell me where i can find the mipmap settings? i can't seem to find them.
  9. Robonator

    Moving Terrain in Arma 3

    I don't think this really explains this thing. It doesn't even look like its loading. I tried this and it seems to work. Low disables the grass etc so i keep it on standard and the terrain doesn't move anymore. Thanks!
  10. Cant wait for the full version!
  11. Thanks so far That might explain what happened. too bad half of the camp landed in the water hehe but could you help me with some other problems? First of all i have a horrible performance after i captured the first factory. i have no idea what to do but right now i run around with 15fps from 60 that i had when i started to play. Any idea why that happened? Another Problem is from a friend of mine. He restarted the mission several times because he always Fcked things up and now he got the problem that he is always spawning at the same location where he builded a base but the base changes every time. he tried reinstalling, deleting saves etc but it doesn't work he spawns always there if he tries to start a new game. Do you have an idea what went wrong? He said it seems to restart the mission but his base is always there with the construction truck. He also got the problem that he can't build stationary weapons of all kind. He get's all buildings to build but not the stationary weapons they just don't show up, while i am able to build them after i placed one bunker Btw the pier i meant is the one in the south west of Altis under Panochori in the Panochori Bay. I set my camp up on the pier, then did a mission to get them friendly and the marker turned pink. now i cant cap it. oh before i forget: Is there a way that you could maybe increase the ammo capacity of vehicle ammo boxes? It's a bit annoying that i have to call around 4 boxes to get my APC or IFV filled up again. And do the stationary Tanks get unlimited ammo? For now it seems not and i always loose camps because my stationary vehicles run out of ammo so fast. the ammo boxes are stacking there and there isnt much room left to call more^^
  12. Hello guys. First of all: Fantastic Map, i have a lot of fun with it. But i have some questions. Does the Map work with TWS? And can somebody explain this system with Camps etc for me? For an Example: I have a Pier that i should capture. The people there are friendly to me and i placed a Bunker and a tent next to it. Then i placed some stationary Guns, but somehow i can't capture that pier, it's still pink. What exactly do i need to do so the stuff i build gets recognised as an outpost and i can access the millitary shop? Last time it took ages for me to capture a factory. i builded around 4 bunkers and atleast 10 stationary weapons before i finally captured it (there were no enemy soldiers at all) And another question: I still dont really get the system with the towns. What exactly are they useful for except from selling civil vehicles? Let's say i put their speciality to AT. Whats the use in that? are they going to deliver AT soldiers only? The first time i started i placed a bunker and a tent right onto that pier (not where the symbol was) and suddenly it rained ammo boxes and i died because they exploded. after i woke up there were tanks, soldiers, walls, bunkers and more ammo boxes everywhere. i have no idea what happened there but thats how my first camp "builded itself". I'm sorry if all those questions are already answered but after 20 pages i got bored and gave up searching.