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  1. I didn't change memory points of dampers because Tank's PhysX didn't complete when I released Wander Panzer MOD first. So, I will try to change dampers!:) Thank you for advice!:)
  2. I have no idea that sloves this problem...:( Please give me some hints for sloving this problem if you (or anyone) have ideas.:)
  3. I think that the UAV trick made wanzer's controls better a little... But, from tests many new problems have engaged:( So,I don't change the method of wanzer's control. Fortunately,my friend designed a good script which can solve the problem which is FPS go down when player repeat get-out and get-in in MP! I will reflect this script in next update:)
  4. I'm sorry.It has not yet shown it at a test phase...:(
  5. Thank you for your advice !:) I will test your idea!
  6. That's a good idea! But, if roller dash mode to remake another scripts Which like afterburner mode of fighter (e.g. F/A 18 MOD), I am worried about the AI (not a human) cannot use roller dash mode...?
  7. I hit on the solution to problem which the AI's WAP cannot attack an enemy at time that rotated behind. If the AI's WAP cannot attack an enemy at time that rotated behind, this command run ,WAP will turn right ,and can attack an enemy!:) But,I cannot stop the WAP...:confused: Please tell me the List of command about "sendSimpleCommand"!!
  8. I forgot to write ,but changed the animation when Wanzerfall!!:) Specifically,WAP's legs angle changes when engine of WAP is running ,and WAP's altitude is over 30 meters.