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  1. Hello, I think this might be my first post on the forums. And it's complain, oh yes. Since 1.68 has been released, the performance on my server dropped ENORMOUSLY. When I had 4~5 FPS before (not good, but still playable), it's 2~3 now... It fucking sucks that everytime you guys decide to "splendid" our arma experience, it breaks our servers! With every patch im sitting behind my desk investigating our server wondering what broke this time... I know it's a deeply moddable game, but do you guys even test your patches before you fcking release them? I really start realising now why arma modders are moving to Unreal Engine... Thanks for the frustration the past 6 months! Looking forward to more!
  2. Hey, I want to create my own island to. I allready create a xyz file in L3DT ( map creatin program ) and a texture file, so the island is now empty. I want to use your tool to fill it with objects and cities and stuff, but how do you get a *.mbproj file?
  3. blijfiguurpaul

    No acces to MCC Sandbox

    And how do I exactly run it via the server? Do I just need to put the MCC files into the MPMissions folder or...?
  4. blijfiguurpaul

    No acces to MCC Sandbox

    Eh... No...? Maybe a stupid question ( well... Maybe... I almost know for sure this is a stupid question ), but how do I runn Mcc through command line?
  5. Hi everyone :) So, I am really desperate. I litterly spend a whole day trying to find out why MCC Sandbox was not working on my server. I literlly spent more than 8 houres, trying to get it work... Still doesn't work, and now I am really, really desperate. Here is the thing: I always use MCC Sandbox as an admin tool, because I don't know if there are ANY admin tools out there for arma 2: operation arrowhead ( NOT DAYZ. But anyway, I can scroll, and I see MCC Sandbox right in front of me. But I can't log in. I tried almost everything, updating zones, reïnstalling Arma, changing way to many settings... I am DESPERATE. I can't log in, whatever I try. Please, someone, help me, because I bet it is something soooo simpel... Thanks for helping me out Mike Ehrmantraut
  6. blijfiguurpaul

    No acces to MCC Sandbox

    I know what you are saying, but I don't now how to fix this... Tried allready dozens of things... Deleting the mission and exporting it to multiplayer again... Help please? :P Not sure what to do. Thanks for the reaction :)
  7. blijfiguurpaul

    No acces to MCC Sandbox

    Hi Everyone :D So, I always used MCC Sandbox just fine, when I was not running a dedicated server... Now I am, and I can't acces MCC Sandbox. I mean, I can scroll on it and stuff like that, but whenever I'm trying to do something, it say's: Acces Denied. Well, this is quite frustrating, because I logged in on my server as an admin, only player on the server, logged in into the MCC Sandbox and created a zone. Still: ACCES DENIED. Don't know what I am missing. First one to create a zone is the 'admin' of MCC Sandbox, right? Is it possible that someone else created a zone? I already tried restarting the server, and yestherday, it worked just fine... Is it possible that another player tried to troll me or something like that, and created something like a permanent zone, since I do not have BattlEye enabled? Thanks everyone for taking your time to read this, and eventually respond to this. I really appreciate it :) Mike Ehrmantraut
  8. blijfiguurpaul

    Spawn multipile players and respawn

    Thanks man, I will try that. It would be really awesome if you could make an example mission for me, so I can see how my mission should look like. Really thank you for your help :)
  9. Hi everybody! I am new to the editor in Arma, I wanted to make a dedicated server for me and my friends, just so we can fly in jets and stuff like that. But I got a few issues, I tried to figure them out, but I really don't know what to do. Allright, here's the problem: I can spawn 1 person via Units (F1), I call him for now Player 1. When I spawn Player 2, Player 1 becomes Unplayable. When I change Player 1 to player, player 2 becomes unplayable. I want just 1 spawn position where everybody spawns, and if they die they respawn to that position. I tried multipile things, let people spawn in a tractor, but that didn't worked out. I hope someone can help me out here, because I am very new to the arma editor, and tutorials don't describe what I need Thanks everybody for your help :)