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  1. When i place a ammo box in zeus and open it again, mcc will override the vanilla box panel. After adding some items to this box via zeus it wont show up for the other players, any idea?
  2. How could i disable the video feed in the squad assign menu?
  3. I have found some issues. 1. Sometimes MCC dont show up in the mouswheel-menu. (Solution Respawn) 2. Sometimes the players arent in the bluefor faction (they are white labeled in mcc). Reason blueforai is shooting at players. (Solution Respawn) 3. After creating a generated mission, the mission objectives dont registrate as arma objectives. (Solution, restart of the map) Maybe you can insert a option to mark items as objectives? 4. The IED`s will collidate with other mods like the AGM (Authentic Gameplay Mod). Is it possible to add IED`s as regular explosives? 5. After loading a profile, the loaded chests have a failure. The weapons in this chest can`t equipped. I love the mcc mod, it gives us great possibilities.
  4. My solution for this problem: After black screen press key combination for mcc (my combo is STRG + H) MCC shows up Click logout Press STRG + H again Login to mcc zeus works and blackscreen is away
  5. Thanks. The problem was the gamemode. The mission should be run as cooperative and not as zeusgamemode. Now all works fine. Is the UAV spawn gone? Cant find it at MCC commander terminal. (Solved: Spawn some UAV and then klick right in the console on it to see live feed)
  6. Iam using MCC on my dedicated server. I added the init strings to my init.sqf and use the mod version of mcc. Without using the access rights module in my mission, mcc wont show up in the mousewheel menue. After adding the acces rights module, mcc only shows up after login as admin. Without login, the players cant use the mcc console. Did i missed something? What i`ve done: Installing MCC Mod on server and clients enable it in configuration menue added the default init string to my init.sqf Any ideas? bye
  7. Corelegend

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Iam using zeus too. My workaround is: 1. Use zeus as player 2. As player you can transmit. To longrangetransmit in zeusmode you have to transmit and press the zeus-key during the transmission. 3. Now you can use your push-to-talk Button to transmit. To hear the transmissions from players in zeus, iam using a second Teamspeak account over iPad.
  8. Corelegend

    BUG: Zeus interface opening 2x

    I have noticed this bug too. A workaround: 1. Restart mission 2. Place respawn for players 3. Place the weapons module and choose some preconstructed classes (Module above the respawns) 4. By now you can set units or crates you like If i do this procedure, the bug will not show up.
  9. Corelegend

    Order choppter to landing

    You have to set waypoints and modify them. Set multiple waypoints with strg+click. Edit waypoints with doubleclick.
  10. Corelegend

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Hey, is it possible to add this great mod with the new arma update 1.18 to zeus? I tried it and synced the ak47 unit with the addAddons-module. It generates a failure message that there is no cfgpatches defined. Any solutions?
  11. Corelegend

    Manipulate preplaced objects?

    This doesn`t work in my mission. The name of the gamemaster module is "bis_curator". I`ve added the trigger with activation "anybody" and past in the activation box: {bis_curator addCuratorEditableObjects [[_x],true]} forEach thislist Trying this mission in preview mode or on hosted multiplayer doesn`t work. I`ve tried to sync the trigger with my gamemaster module (or not), without success. Did i missed something?