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  1. Will there ever be a Arma 3.... or more multiplayer maps? ---------- Post added at 00:26 ---------- Previous post was at 00:25 ---------- Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! WB!
  2. DZS "Dynamic Zombie Sandbox" is alright but a bit buggy, not always going to work right for ya. I did find a DZS+Wasteland Mission file someplace on the web, it added them both together... odd how it works some-what better then DZS alone. LOL And I'm right there with you about Dayz/Braking Point its all about the PvP and not about the base building and looting. So best of luck to ya.
  3. CSClevenger

    Black Rain Project [SP experience]

    I like a mix of the Campaign and the Quick Skirmish (Hard)... A sort of "Wastelands like"... survival roleplay where story is made by the pcs as they hunt and loot, maybe a base building to add to the feel of making it your own. ---------- Post added at 00:44 ---------- Previous post was at 00:39 ---------- Oh and I did try the tutorial, but got lost/stuck with some of the commands... I am not sure about some of the Tac moves and what not. (Other words got tired not being able to get past it and gave up. LOL) But this is not to say I am saying its bad... just the tutorial might need a bit of flushing out details... for us slow learners (LOL) I could not seem to get the guy to move to the red arrow. (Yup right there in the start of it.) (Slow I told ya)
  4. CSClevenger

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Ah, I'll leave them in, I was mostly just asking, why is all. Now do tell about this "Survive", is it anything like Wasteland? I wish I had the time to set down and learn to edit and work on this game... I think some of my ideas would rock in a game. LOL (I bet everyone thinks that? LOL) Anyways I'd like to hear about the mission or will it be a mod?
  5. CSClevenger

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Ok love the look of everything. One of the top best mods I have tried out so far in A3. I do have one question and that is why does it change the "Map" names? I'm funny like that I don't really want it to do that. Now past that small thing, I have noticed that quite a few things in the Mod are geared to something like "Life" or one of the 1000s of Zombie" games.... Not that that is a problem.. I am just wanting to know where I can find these games.
  6. CSClevenger

    User Mission Request Thread

    If anyone has seen or played something like the "Flashpoint" Mission on Arma 2, I'd love to see a MP Arma 3 Flashpoint. Just a map full of random spawning guys, some on your side others not. A huge war zone. If I could I'd add in some side missions like what "Wasteland" has in them.. simple things like blow up this tank, you have 15mins to do so. That sort of thing. But for sure the pure random spawning guys makes it fun.
  7. And yes a Arma 3 flashpoint would be great. LOL
  8. CSClevenger

    Warfare BE

    Well I know I'm late to the game, but I'm looking for a Warfare game that don't bug out on me after so long playing it. The ones I have all get buggy after a bit... like the AI stop shooting or your AI just stands around. Had a some no re-spawn problems too but that don't seem to happen always. Now I might be using some outdated part of the mission... so if someone would be kind a give me some kind of short list of (Newest/Updated) Warfare Missions (With what map) I'd be greatful! The Warfare Missions are what make Arma2 fun for me! (Oh and note they need to be able to run on MP with 2 to 3 players.)
  9. CSClevenger

    User mission requests!

    This forum still alive?
  10. I would love to get this on other maps as MP! Not that I don't love the one, but I'd love to get MP on all maps you got and then some. :P
  11. CSClevenger

    [TvT/FFA/CO-40] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

    I'd like to know if anyone is still working on this or if I could find someone to fix it. You see I think this is 100% better then that other mod I won't name. And I'd buy this one before I'd spend anything on that other... But there is a problem with this one... You see once you (Or anyone playing with me) dies no more zombies spawn or the cars. So pretty much your left in the game alone. So If this is a bug that just I am having or is it something everyone gets I'd like to know... is there a fix? Also on a side note, I'd love to see some other Maps used for this as well... Like some of the Islands and plenty of Arma2 maps that are great and fun... can always use zombies! ---------- Post added at 23:49 ---------- Previous post was at 23:45 ---------- Ok so I have 1.25 is there a new one? Maybe that's why I'm getting that bug.... >< ---------- Post added at 00:05 ---------- Previous post was at 23:49 ---------- Oh, gee guess I should have read more into the pages,.... So the 1.30 is on the website. Not in armaholics or here. >< ok got ya... Might wish to edit your 1st post and let people know this.