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    The Hunt - 1 vs all adversarial

    Thanks for the feedback stuartmokler! Yah I'm working on ironing out some of the bugs still. I have no clue what could be causing the Greyhawk pilot to randomly die but I'll definitely look into that. If you have any more details about that bug or any other bug that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. masterofapplience

    ArmA 3 : Resist

    I am absolutely blown away by the production quality on your trailer. I'm going to give this a download and a play through tonight. You already have my support on the MANW page.
  3. Came here from your MANW entry page to say I really enjoyed your youtube video. It looks like you put lots of effort into it and it really showed. Good luck in the contest!
  4. masterofapplience

    Tdm classic

    Are you going to post this as an entry on the MANW site? I'd love to support this project. I feel Arma is lacking adversarial game play. It has been too long since I have seen some full TDM servers in my game browser. Best of luck!
  5. MANW link: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/7IZ207C8c7#.U2J6xVeWmzA The Hunt is a 1 vs all adversarial multiplayer game mode. The target being hunted has stolen vital intel and plans to upload it online. The hunters are a light recon team who are tasked with tracking down and killing the hunted before the upload is complete. Recommended to play with 3-10 friends. The Hunt begins when the hunted target leaves the starting area. The hunters are released 1 minute later. Before the hunters are released, the hunted can complete optional objectives to get an early advantage. Once released, the hunters will be given some time to set up. After this the hunted's position will be tracked. This tracked position will be shown to the hunters 30 seconds later. This will happen throughout the game every two and a half minutes. Once the hunted is first tracked it will be given set of objectives. The first objective will be to obtain a radio to ask for the location of the upload station. The second objective will be to get to the upload station and upload the intel. The upload takes 2 minutes to complete. Once the upload has begun, the hunted's current position will be displayed every 30 seconds. The hunters must kill the target before the upload is complete. The hunters are given 2 trucks, an MH-9, and an MQ4A Greyhawk drone. The area is home to a number of civilians who look very similar to the hunted. The hunted must be stealthy and clever to win. The game is 95% functional and includes an ingame tutorial for the hunted, hunters, and the hunters greyhawk operator. Planned future updates: -Add a GUI that can be used by players to alter game settings such as tracking reset time, hunters release timer etc, before the game starts. -Add different zones for the game to take place. -Add different game styles such as demolition where the hunted tries to destroy targets that the hunters must defend. Side note: I'd like congratulate alleycat (developer of Hunting Trip) for making what seems to be a very fun and interesting game mode. Alleycat has no doubt been working on his project for some months before publicly releasing it (I know I have). I'm sure he was surprised to see that a asymmetrical team MP game mode with a similar name was already posted as a Make Arma Not War entry before he/she got a chance to finalize their entry. I'm sure alleycat was just as surprised as I was ten minutes ago when I came to make my forum post here and discovered that Hunting Trip had been posted here well before my MANW entry. I think we could all agree that despite the similar sounding names and team sizes that we have very different beasts on our hands. I say this because he in fact has a very cool scary beast in his game and I don't. About a week and a half ago I decided to change my games name from Human Hunting to The Hunt. It was a decision I was originally unsure about but now I'm fairly happy I made. Please keep coming back to this post. I will check this page frequently and will detail all major updates here.
  6. masterofapplience

    How do I UAV?

    Ya using the UAVs for actual bombing support is tricky. I have had it where there is a tank and then a single soldier close to the tank. And the UAV will use its last bomb on the soldier when I want it to attack the tank. However just doing recon with the camera works amazing. That is all I use them for now.