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  1. hey guys, This is literally my first topic/post on this account, so sorry is this is inappropriate or something. Just let me know. I haven't really been following the modding scene for a while... I'm really a 75th ranger regiment-type of guy and all that, so I was wondering if there are any new vests that have came out lately? Like an Eagle Industries MBAV or a Crye precision AVS. And I don't need another opscore helmet or multicam retextures, we have that already (SOCMOD, and that one mod with all the crye uniforms with all the stuff like kneepads, material, etc.) Cheers!
  2. You havent posted an update in 8 months :(
  3. vnctmrn

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    but he hasn't released it yet? I'm sorry I didn't keep up for the last 5 months or so lol
  4. vnctmrn

    SOCMOD Release Thread

    offtopic, but are there some Crye AC Multicam pants/shirts yet?
  5. just release it already :(