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  1. I am austin_medic the script working. Became the mono sound to stereo. If necessary revert the audio. Now I see the link L3TUC3 and test the script.
  2. Well, it worked. That's what I was looking for. Thx austin_medic
  3. ??????? Created some units as rising B_officer_F. Project without rank.
  4. Thanks Schaten and JShock , but tested only this: Has worked.
  5. I'm not getting add that besides the B_Helipilot_F could be used by the action B_officer_F. I have this in the init Unit: already tried this addAction ... && (player isKindOf "B_Helipilot_F", "B_officer_F")'] this addAction ... && (player isKindOf ("B_Helipilot_F", "B_officer_F"))'] this addAction ... && (player isKindOf "B_Helipilot_F") && (player isKindOf "B_officert_F")'] Does the solution would be to copy the whole script just changing the class as well:
  6. he sound is working again. The sound was not the problem in work, in fact I wanted to limit only to the dead player or very next players. What is happening is that if a player dies at 5km away another player hears the sound also.
  7. added to the file deathScript.sqf but the sound is not output. I tested the preview editor and new server host if (!local (_this select 0)) exitWith {}; before playSound "Dead";
  8. Create file example: door.sqf copy and paste script In init helicopter put => 0 = [this] execVM "door.sqf";
  9. I'm script to make a sound when a player (MP) is dead. Probelam that the player can be on the other side of the map that the sound is still heard. What would be the way to fix this problem by setting so that the sound was heard only in 50 meters or sound can also be only the dead player description.ext Init player: deathScript.sqf
  10. fadeMusic worked thank you Killzone_Kid
  11. Actually what look is something that all seek ID in the URL hosted on squad.xml to write to a variable or function that after will identify players for certain slots. Currently manually enter all registered UID in the routine ... something If uid / player = ("6424524412" ..., "4547323" ..., "45454545") then releases the slot.
  12. I have a song in the intro, is download volume gradually until it stops?
  13. There is the possibility of searching through the online script file squad.xml the <member id> and save within the SQF file, PHP or other XML as variable for later use? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Structured_Text#Hyperlink http://killzonekid.com/arma-extension-url_fetch-dll-v2-0/
  14. BL1P, after I discovered the error did not have to create the file EH_Cliente.sqf So much mess discovered the problem, follow the corrected script the way it worked. For those who also want to use. Now I will add restrictions which UID can use.