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  1. I've almost become suicidal over this script. What am I doing wrong? The object here is that all terrain objects within the "markx" markers (they are ellipses) will be hidden. This works fine and dandy in SP (play scenario through the Editor) but will not work in a dedicated server environment. init.sqf // Removing map objects script _removeObjects = compile loadFile "\scripts\removeMapObjects.sqf"; _null = [["mark1","mark2","mark3","mark4","mark5","mark6","mark7","mark8","mark9","mark10","mark11","mark12","mark13","mark14","mark15","mark16","mark17","mark18","mark19"], "_removeObjects", false, true] call BIS_fnc_MP; removeMapObjects.sqf _markerArray = _this select 0; { _terrainobjects = nearestTerrainObjects [(getMarkerPos _x),[],(getMarkerSize _x)select 0]; {hideObjectGlobal _x} forEach _terrainobjects; }forEach _markerArray;
  2. This does indeed work now. Appreciate the help bro!
  3. Yeah, that was a negative. :(
  4. Can someone confirm the proper syntax for the *.par file? The wiki entry is grossly incorrect.
  5. Does CUP function with this map instead of AiA?
  6. I am quite pleased to see this released. Finally, a developer from the Life arena that gives a shit about the wider community. :)
  7. 10/10 would transmit again :D