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  1. Hello, I'm creating a simgleplayer campaign and was wondering what to pay attention to when scripting, if I want the player to be able to save the game state at any time. For example, what happens if the player saves the game while a script is running. Let's say it's a scripted conversation between two charcters. Will I run into any unwanted issues/errors ? Could there be any other incidents when it's problematic to save/load a game in terms of scripting techniques? I already thought about scripts where I use "disableSerialization". The script command wiki text says: "Disable saving of script containing this command. After this...". Does that mean I better disable saving while a script of this type is running? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! So a state can only lead into one branch, got it, thx.
  3. Hello, I got a quick question on scripted FSMs. I got the FSM Editor from BIS Tools. I wanted to create a follow-me fsm-script. So a unit follows another unit and also enters/exits the same vehicles as the first unit does. Fortunately the last ArmA3 campaign mission features such a script called journalist.fsm. (As some might recall) So at a particular stage/state in the script the FSM does a distance check to find out wether the follower should be running or just walking. So the conditions are: distance > 3 , distance > 10 , true Let's say distance is 15. Will both distance conditions be true and following states executed? That would not make sense in this case because the unit can't run and walk at the same time. And what about the true-condition? Will it also be executed alongside the distance-conditions all the time? If so, which condition decides that a specific state (in this case the state "distance check") is finished and no other code/condition following that state should be executed anymore? I hope i could clarify my question.
  4. Hi, so yes the above example scales the image according to the player's screen size and then I have to invole the aspect ratio so the image won't be stretched/distorted. But still you have to calculate the safezoneX and safeZoneY values so you can actually position the image on the screen (in this case center it). So i was wondering if there is a parameter like "align = "center" or something so the image is automatically centered (instead of writing a formula yourself).
  5. Hi guys, I'm doing a singleplayer campaign and want to show the campaign logo at mission start. For that I'm using rscTitles in the description.ext and the cutRsc command in the init.sqf. To support all screen sizes I'm storing a picture with pretty high resolution and calculate it's final dimensions depending on the player's screen resolution and ratio. So my question is if there is any useful variables/parameters in the rscTitles classes that let me simply align/center the picture without calculating the correct safezoneX/safezoneY values for every possible resolution? Additionally I want to align two headlines (also pictures) beneath the logo. So is there maybe a simple offset parameter to easily position title objects relative to each other? Of course there's always the possibility to let my script calculate the exact safezoneX and safeZoneY values for every title object but if there's a simpler way to do it let me know. Cheers
  6. Nevermind, I was looking for a function due to BIS_..., but it's a command...:rolleyes:
  7. Hi guys, I found some really old threads related to this issue. So I thought there might be some new commands /ways to solve this issue, plus, I got some questions on it. 1. I know I will need the actual building ID (from the Editor) and the buildingPos together with setPosATL command. 2. Will the building ID suffice to actually "return" an object in the code? So like this "buildingID" buildingPos 3 for example. 3. Since there's the new Site Module I wondered if someone already had a look into the code and maybe knows of a new way to occupy bulding positions, especially because I read of some problems with soldiers in buildings in the old threads. Ok bye
  8. @ Undeceived: Thanks for clarifying. I checked the contest site too and was surprised (positively^^) that submission ends on the 28th and not 26th.
  9. Thanks guys, I'll go with the joinSilent for units to regroup again. I didn't find the enableRandomization function yet, but if you say there's one ill check all functions for some similar entry.
  10. Hello, there are 2 problems I came across and was wondering how to solve them. 1. When arranging infantry groups at mission start (to make them face their leader for example) I use doStop or commandStop so the men are facing the direction I placed them in the editor. (Setting the Special option to NONE in the editor field doesn't do the trick here) However, which command do you use to make the units follow their leader as usual back again? 2. I can remember that their was once a hint in an BI official OPREP or sth., that you can turn off character goggle and headgear randomization with the simple removeGoggles command (for guerrilla units especially). However when I import a unit outfit(with Arsenal) and place it in the init field of a particular unit and additionally use setIdentity (with the same goggles and headgear), their heads still get randomized. So is there a workaround/command that helps me here except using a trigger after mission start and executing a script to adjust their headgear and goggles? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks Killzone_Kid! I guess it's the same for eventHandlers then. One last thing: is a code that gets executed in the eventHandler scheduled environment?
  12. Hello, I'm wondering when not to use local variables. 1. In the onActivation field of a Trigger (or even a waypoint) placed in the Editor. Can I create local script handles in here? (e.g. the _null script handle) I thought it was not even possible but somehow the game doesn't care anymore... Did they change it or was it possible all the time? Can I run into probloems when publishing my singleplayer mission? 2. In an EventHandler coder? Is that code spawned btw (i.e. can I use waitUntil here?) Thanks
  13. Guess I will go with those functions then. Thx
  14. Hello. I set up a single player mission. In some distance to the battlefield I put 2 Opfor(enemy) Artillery tanks with a big mountain between the battlefield and the tanks. They got a "Guard" waypoint and a "Guard" trigger directly in front of them. Now when the battle starts at the battlefield those 2 artillery tanks will engage enemies, but only when they got a direct line of sight on them. I already tried the enableEngineArtillery command but that didn't solve the issue. The tanks are always driving towards the enemy (Blufor btw) and need a direct line of sight to shoot them. Thx for your help. Leo