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  1. Aaron Michaels

    Zues to eden

    I personally just don't like Zeus Enhanced, and Achilles still has a couple of guys keeping it up to date with the most recent versions (thank god) of the game so I still stick to it.
  2. Aaron Michaels

    Editor planted AI with zeus controlable?

    Quite simply; download a client-side mod! (Ares, Achilles or Zeus enhanced) Under the modules tab, you will find all sorts of useful modules with Achilles, but the main one is "add objects to Zeus" - There will be a couple of options inside of the dialogue box that comes up but simply change it to add all units, and wallah. You will now be able to remote control that unit, and with Achilles, you can now hold down ctrl and double click the AI you want to control as well instead of having to use the remote control module from the drop-down. I'm not a fan of Zeus enhanced, it's too different and Ares is too old but Achilles is still supported with the most recent versions of Arma 3; you can get it on the workshop here; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1779063631
  3. Aaron Michaels

    Zues to eden

    Not really no. Things that you've done in Zeus do not save to the mission file as once you click play or join your server you're only reading the mission file and not writing to it. However; you could recreate those things you wanted in the Eden editor and same them as compositions; Making it easier to duplicate different unit compositions or building clusters etc in the editor but Zeus doesn't even let you spawn these compositions which seems like a lost opportunity to me to be honest... other than that though, I don't think you can save Zeus stuff to Eden, no.
  4. Hey bud, I know this thread is a little bit old so you may have already figured how to do it yourself by now; or you gave up but there's a really useful thread already on here that has a couple of different methods of spawning the Freedom under different circumstances. Take a look;
  5. Aaron Michaels

    Question about CSAT in the contact dlc.

    If you go to the Armed Assault Wiki page and navigate to CSAT they have actually listed the contact DLC and what it means for Russia and CSAT membership without actually including the events within the contact. (https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/CSAT) I think it is fairly obvious from the T-140 Angara from the tanks DLC that Russian technology and influence on CSAT's technology were already very significant and with the canon story being that Russia was denouncing NATO, their membership of CSAT was essentially all but guaranteed. The beauty of an open-ended story is it leaves wiggle room for us to create our own stories on Bohemia's backbone.