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    Adding Units/Weapons/Vehicles

    So, I've appreciated all the help that this stuff has given me in adding my cool weapons to warfare, but how would I go about adding a @AC_130X into the aircraft factory for ARMA II BE Warfare ACE 2.071? I've tried as much as I can handle but haven't been able to get it working.
  2. ACRking

    Ac-130x (wip)

    I've been trying to implement this into the aircraft factory in benny's warfare but I can't seem to get it right, would you know how to get it working?
  3. I've been rifling through pbo's and files and trying to implement this AC-130 >>www(dot)armaholic(dot)com/page.php?id=21605<< to the Warfare ACE 2.071 aircraft factory but the farthest I've gotten is getting the WF menu to freeze when I select the chopper tab. How do I implement addon vehicles into Warfare?