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  1. cowboy124aa

    Mars outpost building

    Many thanks Dram, I know a lot of the stuff is going to be stuff that you are working on. Thumbs up to the great work you are doing!
  2. cowboy124aa

    MAJOR ISSUE key binding and windowed mode.

    well, as i was just looking at it, i just realized that you would have to pack the file back into the original format or made into an addon type setup. That had slipped my mind when i was writing to you before. I am currently trying to figure out how that can be accomplished. I will get back to you on it, Or if a Dev could please respond to this and help us re-compress or make the keybind file a add on for the game. I will keep looking into it and contact you as soon as i am able to!
  3. cowboy124aa

    MAJOR ISSUE key binding and windowed mode.

    Maybe I'm not understanding your problem, and I'm not clear as to why you are trying to remap the keys in the first place. But if you want i have found the location of the key bind file where all the keys are listed. you will have to start the Take on Mars loader and perform a extract game data to a folder that you specify. Once you have done this open the folder that you just extracted everything to and then open the scripts folder in that folder is a file called Keys.h that will be the list of key binds you can manually bind the keys from this file. But i would save a version of the file unaltered so that if something happens that you can restore the default file. also in this folder is the controller config but i would not mess with it unless u know how to work it. (always save a backups of the files you are going to alter) I hope maybe that will help you some.
  4. cowboy124aa

    Game Crash Error Report

    While playing the Dev Game i got this error message and thought you guys would like to know about it. I was playing on the campaign game and was stowing the robotic arm manually, in the Idisis crater Mission reference number 5753, and this error report popped up. After clicking the retry button i had a second error code and the game crashed to desktop. if you need more information please let me know and ill see if i can get it to you! Assertion Failed Program:... eam\stemapps\common\Take On Mars\TKOM_dev.exe file: C:\EnforceNG\Enforce SDK3.1\engine\src\BaseWorld\enf_entity.cpp Line 58 Reason: entiy out of world bounds. type 'Vehicle_Part', Name", Parent ",Object 'obj/vehicles/heatshildtechlarg/shd_tl_botom_6.xob' Coords 42439.750000 12906.839844 -3276804.500000 Script callstack: Class: 'MyGame' Fucnction: 'OnUpdateGameplay' Stack trace: Scripts/CCGame.c:935 [enf:_ShowError}: ???addr.0x10124e82 [enf:_ShowError}: ???addr.0x10124e82 (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled) After Clicking the retry button i get the same message with the exception of the address numbers addr.0x1012529d
  5. cowboy124aa

    MAJOR ISSUE key binding and windowed mode.

    Hey Demon it looks like the key configs are conflicting with each other they can differentiate themselves between the forward movement for the rover and the forward movement of the walk. When u try to remap it as i tried myself it does the same thing. When i tried to remap it (say the W Key) for the rover, it saw that the key had been mapped with the forward walk key, so it sees the conflict and wont remap to what you are imputing. it will be an issue they have to work out and may take some time. As to your graphics in windowed mode, it maybe that your graphics card can not handle the windowed mode, when i tried it on my system i do not get a drop in framerate at all and i have everything set to max but im also running 2 gtx 660 sc in SLI mode so that may be why you may want to play with your settings, try lowering your settings a a bit and see if it changes. You also have to keep in mind that the game is still in Alpha and the game may not be optimized for graphics yet so their may be issues for a while in this respect. graphics optimization is usually the last thing u do in an alpha build, just something to keep in mind.
  6. I had a few ideas for maybe a future content update or a DLC. 1. I'm not sure everyone will agree with this idea but i think it would be a great future addition. We all love the idea of landing on mars and maybe even going beyond it to explore more but we have left out an important celestial body right in our back yard. The moon, i would love to be able to explore the moon with rovers and land on it with a manned mission. We can set up a small out post that would be a staging area for our missions to mars and beyond. We could do the same thing as we are doing on mars send rovers to discover new area on the dark side of the moon, set up a base area conduct experiments on new tech and other stuff. I know there is a game out there that I believe is called Moon Base Alpha (the game is pretty limited atm but is an excellent representation of setting up a moon base) and is a free game to play for all you space enthusiasts and is also a open source game and i believe has a commercial option, so i think if you guys could work with this game it could help out allot. (just my suggestion) Available on steam. 2. I would also like to see a more detailed process here on earth of working with the rockets, building and testing them here on earth, testing new equipment for sending to mars like the testing they are doing with the new LDSD Low Density Supersonic Decelerator. Being able to put the rockets together with tech that we have unlocked. Maybe working more with the test facility on different things to test, rockets, testing different types of landers, like ones with tank tracks, we can perform testing on flying the insertion vehicle on earth (because i know its hard as hell to fly that vehicle on mars i have 10 crashes under my belt as it is and I'm sure I'm not alone in that aspect and i gets expensive to keep sending more vehicles) I know there are plenty of modders out there willing to make up different types of vehicles that could be used in the game. 3. Also Sending probs to Venus, and Mercury, and the other outer bodies, were we can send a high flying satellite and have to take pictures or collect data so that we can unlock certain technology. I also have a few ideas about other things you could do in the game, and would love to be able to give you some more ideas that i do not want to reveal in the forums. I have been a long time supporter of the Arma engine games, and i think its wonderful that you guys are utilizing the full potential of the engine to create these wonderful games. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me directly.
  7. cowboy124aa

    Suggestions and errors of varying urgency

    Just a picture of morning stars her on earth, and very beautiful to look at to be honest! Thought you might enjoy this. http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/02/08/magical-morning-star-showers-valentines-day-lovers-silver-light-153437
  8. cowboy124aa

    Martian Winds

    Actually wind speeds on mars can reach very high speeds i believe that some speeds have been recorded at an extreme speed of 500 to 600 km/hr (or 300-375 miles/hr) on the average though wind speeds on mars are around 30 km/hr (or 67.5 m/hr). So a thin atmosphere would actually cause more wind on mars because of the lack of pressure in on the surface of mars, and even though liquid water is not present on mars they are also clouds on mars. Allot of the winds on mars are caused by solar flares that hit the planet, since it is thin the solar winds have more of an affect on the mars atmosphere. So i believe that the winds on mars are pretty realistic for the game and may have even been turned down a bit.
  9. cowboy124aa

    Mars outpost building

    I have found a few issues with the base modular section, one some of the pictures are wrong on the 3d printer. 1. the full length corner window on the printer makes a u shaped window i think its called the airlock window 2. the other airlock with the bubble. i think is wrong it wont match up to anything when placing it, it places it 2 feet away from the object 3. the Base platform is not what is shown in the picture. the picture shows the full base with the panels in place and the edge around it, but it prints a frame skeleton 4. cant not figure out how to attach doors and hatches to the airlock door frames nothing matches up 5. can not figure out how to match up the airlock glass and panel sections to anything 6. would also like to see the full length corner windows like on the building in isidis base manned mission 7. would like to be able to make skylights also, maybe a bubble canopy for the roof section 8. also window section made on the printer are not see thru, it looks like someone painted them white when u look thru them 9. a four panel floor piece makes the 90 degree corner section 10. not sure what the door frame without the floor panel is used for, and i believe that the printer menu picture is wrong for that part Also wanted to mention that i found it very difficult to use the support poles when placing them in the ground. and the poles that are made on the printer are not the same as the ones u have laying on the ground, i would like to be able to use both types of poles. One other minor thing i wanted to mention is that on the large rover and the medium rover the wheels tend to break off to easily in the game, even with our technology today, i don't think that the wheels would break off that easily. i suggest turning down the damage of the wheels about 10 to 20 percent it would make for a more realistic interpretation of the high tensile strength of our metals. Case in point i had a large rover delivered about 3 meters off the ground and it bounced when it landed and i drove 1 meter and drove over a small rock and the wheel broke off, and i mean the rock was very small and should have not affected the wheels at all. i could see them breaking off with wear over time that would sound more reasonable to me. I know you guys are still working on allot of the stuff for the game, but i thought i would bring it up to you if you were not aware of some of the issues Keep up the great work guys, i love the base building option, just needs a few minor improvements.
  10. You don't need cash to do the explorer mission all u have to do is open a scenario and play one of habitat building missions. Just a word or warning some of the items that you can build with the 3D printer are not what is seen in the menu picture u have to actually look at the 3D display model to know what your actually gonna get, most of them are what u see and some are not! Most every thing u need to build is there, with the exception of the large corner window. it shows the picture in the printer menu but is not available to build it!
  11. cowboy124aa

    Problems taking photos using small rover

    Also you want to make sure that it is not a color photo some are color which will say in the lower right corner some are wide view and some are telephoto ones i had the same trouble!