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  1. Lato, I just dropped by to thank you for the awesome mission. The immersion is immense and it is big fun to adjust the team to its best. I.e. I had never guessed that former ghetto kid and now medic Jax would turn out to be the most effective guy on my team concerning kills. Also, there are moments where I exactly know why you referenced to Mark Owen and Marcus Luttrell in the mod description - amazing immersion, like I said. If you like their books give this a try if you haven't by now, one of the best books on the topic I've read so far. Best regards, Painter
  2. Painter

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Believe me, I did. After loosing the menu for the first time, I started with no mods enabled and worked my way up to every single mod-combination possibile. No luck. I am sure that you have to repeat yourself more than a dozen of times after creating such a great mission. But please, don't assume everybody is lazy. At least I am not.
  3. Painter

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I really like this mod/mission. The immersion was extreme right from the start. Unfortunately, after I while it got unplayable for me, since all the special menus disappeared, which means I can't talk to people, can't setup hideouts, can't sell stuf, etc. I tried different savegames, restartet the game completely, walked away and came back to a person / fire in a camp, but nothing worked. Did anybody experience the same? Is there any solution? My current mods include bCombat, TMR, Blastcore (no tracers) und JSRS sound mod. Thanks in advance and best regards, Painter PS: Around the same time I lost the ability to loot the main weapons from fallen enemy soldiers. I can take their sidearm, but can't take their rifles.
  4. Hey there, I have two questions: - Shift+Y for talking doesn't work, it keeps setting me to the prone position (which I had Y assigned to before playing WLA). What can I do? - How do you capture power plants that are not assigned as a task? (The white-symbol-ones on the map). Thanks in advance and thanks again for the great mod, Painter
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, this was the input I was missing. No off to some hours of WLA :)
  6. Great work SaOk, I really enjoy this. I've got one quick question though, I wasn't able to find the answer: How can I assign AI units to a camp (i.e. the metal bunker) I built? Best regards and thanks, Painter
  7. Painter

    Survive - Radio Silence - AI

    Thank you 5-7, I tried your tactic and it worked better, only downside was that nobody dropped a MRCO. In the end I had to start the whole mission over since things got weirder every time. After the restart, the entire operation went totally different and I made it on veteran on the first try. I'm a bit confused about the number of major bugs I am experiencing on the most recent version of ARMA (on steam). I am not able to complete crossing paths for example: So no further campaign for me!? Seems like I have to give DUWS or Whole Lotta Altis a shot. Any recommendations? Best regards, Painter
  8. Painter

    Survive - Radio Silence - AI

    Hello everyone, sorry for digging up this old thread, but I'm stuck in this mission - even though I have no problems with the mortar attack. Things get rough right afterwards. Is there anything else I can do? How did you approach the final task of the mission? Right now the only option seems to start the whole mission over, grab a gun with a grenade launcher and hope that one time at least one lucky teammate will stay alive?! Thank you for any suggestions, Painter