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  1. Very nice work! Are there any abandoned military sites or something similar (weird cellars, etc.) in that area or do you plan adding them? :rolleyes:
  2. solved there is a door a bit hard to find
  3. Firstly sorry for starting a new thread for such a minor problem but I could not find solution anywhere else or other place to ask. The problem is that when I get the task to take cover in Sebjan mine a deadly emission is triggered always when approached at certain distance. The AI teammate Ryan says that we should quickly take cover in a "tower". Obviously it should be the "mine tower" on the left, but always when I try to climb it the emission kills me before I could climb much. What am I missing here? Obviously the campaign is absolutely outstanding and I would really want to complete it, however no savegames past this place do not seem to be uploaded on the Internet and no videos on Youtube for missions later missions including this one seem to exist.