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    Using the ISIS mod? Shame on you.

    It's nicknamed the Daily Fail for a reason! Being from the US, I'm not wholly familiar with that paper, but from what I've read of it and about it, they're one of those publications that exists solely to get people riled up.
  2. DJ_Caesar

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Oh hey, I signed up for an account last year and haven't posted much. So I'll say hi to everyone now. I bought Take On Helicopters about a year ago, plus ArmA II and all the expansions for that as well, and thought I'd jump on here whenever I had questions about editing and whatever. (Though for the mods' sake, I'm being a good boy and searching through old threads that might have my answers, along with the BIKI.) I probably should start using this forum more often, though!
  3. DJ_Caesar

    Night vision

    I'm not seeing a picture in YoYo's original post, but it sounds like I'm having the same problem. In the Mission Editor, when a Czech pilot turns on night vision on foot, all you can see is the "arm" of the goggles, not actually through them. I've never had this problem inside of a vehicle (at least, not inside of one of the Hinds). I don't know if this has since been patched or anything; my copies of Take On Helicopters and Arma II (plus its expansions) are all through Steam, and...well, I think most everyone here knows what problems that brings. :banghead: Is anyone else still having this problem, and if so have you discovered any good workarounds?
  4. I run the game in Windows 8, which uses the x86 directory like Windows 7. That was the default installation location and I installed it in there. If there's any difference between either there or standard Program Files, I haven't been able to tell.
  5. DJ_Caesar

    TOH and Windows 8

    So far I haven't had any problem running it in Windows 8, or at least the problems I've had don't seem to be related to the OS. But I'm also running it on a laptop with (I'm guessing) a fairly generic Intel graphics card, so I can't say that my machine is capable of letting the game really "open up," as it were.