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  1. Rekless, On the Tactical Stratis map, I tend to spawn most of the time way off the map. I am not sure why.
  2. Shay, can the MCC supply runs be changed to reflect the RHS helicopters too rather than the futuristic one? same for CAS?
  3. Shay, Tears pour from my eyes after reading the helicopter fix. Man, this MCC mod is awesome. So I am available to test if needed. I have been playing a lot, but I play more solo using AI as team mates. So if you want me to test some features with RHS and ACE implemented, I shall do so. Thanks. Warleader
  4. Well I will say that I tested it without RHS by using MCC + ACE3 + Massi's vehicle mod and the same thing happens. I also tested with MCC + RHS and then again with MCC + Massi's vehicles and took ACE completely out - same issue. The good news is there is a work around for realism.......after I decide the attack chopper has completed its run, I make another zone and reassign GAIA and then the chopper leaves. Once it is out of sight, I just delete it through MCC. Edit: I think, if this is possible, that MCC considers all modded helicopters as transports - therefore they just patrol.
  5. Rekkless, Your tactical series is magnificent! I went from trying to figure out how to make a MCC template to "being able to play" please look 3 posts up, The RHS attack helicopters do not set sentry waypoints when placed outside of a zone and then wait until hostile action takes place. Instead, they immediately depart for the zone and patrol. I was wondering if it can be fixed? The Arma 3 attack helicopters when placed act as intended. Thanks again to Shay, Spirit, Rekkless and team for making these great tools so idiots like myself can just play and enjoy. oh, huge props to the Community team and ACE3 team as well. War
  6. Reckless, The RHS attack helicopters seems t behave different than the vanilla ones when placed and assigned to GAIA. If you place a vanilla NATO attack chopper, assign to GAIA, it will wait until a hostile action happens and then move to the zone. After there is no hostile action, it will return home. The RHS helicopters, immediately depart and patrol the zone regardless of hostile action and they never return to base. The work around is to create a back up zone and then change the zone on the fly and they will leave for the next zone. Then you have to delete them and place another one when needed. Any advice as to why the RHS versions don't behave the same? thanks
  7. Shay, I have a Bug question: When you set a helicopter and give it to GAIA, once the player is in a hostile situation, it will depart and then support the player. When the threat is gone, it returns to it's base and lands. But using the RHS mod with ACE and MCC, all of the "mod" US and USMC helicopters, automatically goes to the zone and stays there regardless if there is any hostile action. I tested this by placing US choppers and one Nato chopper...........the Nato chopper behaved correctly and waited for hostile actions. The 2 x RHS choppers departed immediately and patrolled random waypoints in the area...............is this an RHS issue? obviously, I would assume, but wondering how to fix. thanks Warleader8
  8. Rekkless, Absolutely, I have changed nothing accept the settings in ACE. I wanted to have the medic system for Ai also, since sometimes I play alone, I like to pay attention to the AI more. As far as medics that defuse explosives, I want to keep it how you have it. I was curious, if the fact that their class is medic does that cause ACE to recognize it or does it take a set class ACE module to do it? Thanks.
  9. Rekkless, Some feedback and a question. Here is the feedback. Thank you oh mighty one for making this. I have wanted to learn how to set-up my own stuff in forever, and then you compliment my wishes with a version on every map out there. Thank you, it is absolutely fantastic. questions: I used a PBO unpacker and saved one of the map packs to my mission folder so I can open and manipulate the ACE modules - works perfect. I wanted to use it for AI, and tweak a few settings. 1. In another tutorial, the speaker was linking medics to a setmedic ACE module. I noticed yours does not have this, so I put it in and linked all medics. Is this ok, or was it handled in your scripting? still works perfect it seems after linking the module. Now, I just wish I had more of an opportunity to play with others that are not AI, LOL..........I need to talk my buddies into downloading the mods. Thanks Rekkless. Warleader
  10. Rekkless, I posted to your other forum at https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/179749-tactical-map-pack-the-ultimate-zeus-mcc-template-missions-rhs-version-11/page-2#entry2929112with a question. There hasn't been much activity over there since 9 OCT, so I just wanted to post here. It is about MCC and your Tactical maps with ACE3. Thanks Rekkless : )
  11. Rekkless, I have spent 8000 decades trying to create a MCC tamplate for myself with no luck. My goal is for me and 4 friends to play a MCC mission. I control MCC but also get to play. We do random missions and have a good time. I LOVE ACE3 medical and wish to have that. Suddenly, I see this map pack of yours, and I become amazed. I do have a question..............and I hope there is an answer that will make me happy as happy can be, 1. Can you play this without someone being zeus? 2. If answer to 1 is yes, how does someone have control of MCC? 3. Does the advanced mission have everything ready to log in and play, or do you have to create templates? 4. If gaining MCC requires to log on as an admin, how do you do this? And playing as an admin does not make you invulnerable does it? Right now I have a solid template with MCC4, ACE3, and ACRE2 but no one gets the PAK assigned to them and I am flustered over it. My medical unit is set to medical unit in the init box of the player and synced to the module, but they cant get it and it will not transfer to their inventory from VAS. So, If I can play your map packs - ready to go and not have to have someone play as zeus.....I am a happy happy man. Please advise. Warleader6, aka, dude with no scripting skills begging for an excellent working template.
  12. Shay and crew, I found this on youtube and BAMMM this should end all questions. I wanted to share. Its a great video. Credit goes to the authors of the content and youtube author....I just found it and will watch it, learn, and soon kill multitudes of AI.
  13. Shay, No I didn't move during the bandage process. The wiki doesn't cover basic set-up for dummies like myself. here is the exact thing I do to replicate. 1. ensure I am using the latest MOD version of MCC 2. open game in multiplayer session 3. start a new editor game and place a unit 4. place a VON MCC module and place the MCC medic module set to complex = yes save mission and name it something under user mission 5. exit 6. go into the multiplayer game and once in I copy the full sqm from MCC window 7. alt tab out and delete the contents on the mission file in the folder of my named mission - then paste over it what I copied from MCC 8, make an init.sqf file and copy the script from page 1 of the forums for MCC 9, make a description file and copy in the code for saving and respawn and respawn delay 10. save and then export to multiplayer mission So I place a blue force down with no weapon and shoot him.....I can see he is injured and when I try to bandage the animation starts and immediately stops. He remains hurt and I lose a bandage. also, if I use the MCC template from the mod version, and do nothing but start an actual multiplayer game and place a unit the same thing happens. Thanks shay.
  14. Multiplayer I mean the already made multiplayer version that you can download and put in your steam/commom/arma3/MPmission. It works great, but does uses the basic medkits. If I use the mod version and then just start a game via the template that is included with the mod version, the medical system for some reason does not work. Everything seems fine until you chose to bandage and then when the meter starts to fill up, it closes immediately. You lose a bandage, but you did not make progress on the healing action. Ultimately, I wish I had the knowledge to use MCC as an editor to set up my own base module. I follow Shay's youtube tutorial and it seems to work, but again, the medical system and VON radio will not work. I got tired of trying, so decided to just use the multiplayer simple version already made for us. I just wish it had the complex medical enabled and VON Radio. Great mod again....My friends and I really enjoy it. Thanks
  15. Hello Shay and Team - first, your work has kept Arma 3 alive for me. This kind of stuff is what the developers should already include. Question if I may. I do not design missions, and do not really understand the scope of it, so thank goodness for your multiplayer version, so I can just jump in. However, how can I alter the multiplayer version to use the medical complex system? I have tried everything from using the mod version, placing the medical module with complex set to YES and copying the Init from the first page, but it does not seem to work - when you start to apply a bandage the character just stops immediately. The bandage is used up, but no medical aid is rendered. I would prefer just to not have the basic medical kits for all Soldiers when they start b/c they can bypass using the interaction when you have the ARMA 3 basic kit. Is there a way I can just alter multiplayer version to change that? *** secondary request would be adding the VON radio to the multiplayer version, but medical is highest priority. Thanks all, and forgive my severe lack of mission making knowledge. Philip