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  1. Already solved my problem with "F2k Sel"´s solution. But nice, yours is wokring too! :D Look what those divers did for you both! Thx again ;)
  2. Thx u! :bounce3: The formation was the problem. I want them to move but thx for the information! Didnt know that either. Those divers will have a very bad day :D
  3. Mby i said that wrong. I was talking about the used RAM limit if he has enough for the game requirements. I dont think the problem is based on a broken RAM stick because i had this problem before (broken RAM hardware, not your prob^^). The result from 1 pair incompatible RAM and one pair compatible with a broken one were blue/black-screens and random freezes. If you really want to check if your RAM is broken i would suggest to unplug all RAM sticks except one and max out your RAM limit. Until every single stick was plugged in once. If you want to be 100% sure run memtest while you do that.
  4. -Did you check your used RAM while playing? -Heard that Arma writes/uses a lot of temp stuff on the harddrive. If yours is nearly full it could mby slow down the whole process. Just suggestions, i have no clue.
  5. Hey, im a real noob in the editor. I just use it to test some vehicles and stuff. I made a big wall cage to spawn some enemys in there to have some aircraft targets. One enemy = fine. Multiple enemys = some spawn outside the wall. There really is enough space in there but they still ignore their spawn points. Same problem with an Ifrit. The car has like 2-3m free space to each wall side but spawns 100m outside. Did i miss an option or is it just not possible to place things that near to each other? Sneaky prison break divers......
  6. I still have an unused "Crucial m4 SSD 256GB / 2,5 SATA 6GB/s" here. I was too lazy to instal it yet and re set up windows. I´ll do that the next week after i cleaned my tower. Before i start with the OS ill try it with arma3. Im sure ill see if something changes because i´ve all the problems you can have with arma^^ Incredible low FPS, graphic bugs and constant crashes. (all only in MP)
  7. kiwey

    ARMA 3 Crashing

    Same problem here with this "BEX" crash. Sometimes i can play for hours with no problems and sometimes i cant play on a server for 5 minutes without a crash. But only in MP. Rly annoying. Tried to play a MP session for 30 minutes. 4-5 of those crashes durin this time. Sometimes if its like that its just unplayable and sometimes i have no problems.....
  8. Haha, yes thats one way to do it. And no, youre not the only one.^^ I would like to know where the fuel tank is to make them explode..... Edit: How could i miss that.... all hints in the manual in the main menu.... :o
  9. Hey, i cant read the vehicle weapon and aiming hints in the showcase mission "Vehicles". The text dissapears so fast by other upcoming hints so that i cant read all the stuff. Is there an option to read it later?
  10. kiwey

    Light - Graphic Bugs

    Could someone else with the same graphic card (radeon hd 5850) say if he has the same or no problems? So i will know if its a general problem or only my card / settings. Thx.
  11. kiwey

    Losing Sound

    Had a similar problem today. Suddenly i lost the complete left sound of my in ears headphones during the longest session i had ever played. It didnt came back for the rest of the fight. Thought my headphones are broken but after i closed Arma3 and tried something else the sound was back. So only an ingame problem. Never had this before.
  12. kiwey

    Light - Graphic Bugs

    yes, that was the first thing i did after i saw this mess ingame. forgot to say it.
  13. kiwey

    Light - Graphic Bugs

    Checked the temperature with GPU-Z today. 60-70°C and started with 45°C. Instant graphic bugs again in the same night mission. So, i think overheating is not the problem. I dont have those graphic bugs during complete night or bright day. Its definitely related to HDR or/and the dynamic light. But i still cant find the problem. =/
  14. kiwey

    Light - Graphic Bugs

    Hm, didnt overclock my system yet and i dont have any problems playing other games. I´ll check the temperature tomorrow.
  15. Hey, i get weird graphic bugs ingame. Most of the time they appear at sunrise and sunset. I already tried all graphic settings combinations but it didnt help. I think it has something to to with HDR and the dynamic light because i could make the graphic bugs better or worse with changing those settings. Any ideas? amd phenom ii x4 945 radeon hd 5850 16GB RAM win7 64bit