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  1. Yep, I did all manual patching. I even just DL the latest @IFA3 dated 7-18 and replaced all the files and still get the high pitched sound in the German medium tanks. No PWS at all used for anything. k
  2. Yeah. I have 1.11 patched as well as the hotfix patch files for the sounds. It just seems to be the German medium tanks - the Tigers are ok. I haven't tried the halftracks should probably check that as well. cheers k
  3. Sounds seem to be working again, except I get a constant high pitched sound whenever in a German Medium tank. The heavy tanks and Russian tanks seem fine. Anyone else have this problem with Stug, PZRIV and V?
  4. Go to the wiki page and DL the conversion tool. I believe you still need A2 + A2OA installed as well as vanilla IF. I hate to give you bad info but it used to put IF folders in your A2 directory but it may put some in your A3 directory as well. I converted mine a long time ago so mine were in the A2 directory. But the new tool I have not used. DL the patches from the wiki page as well and patch. I copied all the converted IF folders from A2 directory to my A3 directory plus you need CBA_A3 installed too and AIA standalone or (lite) version in A3 directory as well as @IFA3. Again, I am not sure if the new conversion tool puts them in A2 or A3 folder cause I have not used the new tool. Then use the command line on the wiki to start IFA3 - I believe you need the mods loaded in the proper order that is listed on the wiki page. A note, I believe with the new A3 patch it broke a lot of sounds and also the panzerschrek seems to cause the game to crash to desktop so if you get it running avoid units with the panzerschrek. Hope this all gets fixed in the next IFA3 patch. cheers k
  5. I am pretty sure that the American WWII soldiers are not finished yet\converted to ARMA3. .kju will answer for sure but I thought it was a WIP. cheers k
  6. Well they already closed my report and replied back for me to contact the mod developer as they don't fix bugs involving mods or something a long those lines.
  7. @.kju, A few other things I noticed. About the problem with the game CTDing on teleporting near Germany soldiers - it also CTD - with SG_STURM, the LNRD_LUFT faction as well. But like I said before I tried to get it to CTD with BLU_FOR after loading the IFA3 mod and it will not CTD with BLU_FOR NATO - it seems to be the IF Germany units that also cause my CTDs. Also I've tried @ALLinARMA and @ALLinARMASTANDALONE and it CTDs with either one. As well I created a mission for IF on Staszow and happened to be using AiAStandalone. If I try to play the same mission using AiA (non standalone) it says I am missing files and can't play mission without AiAStandalone. Just thought you should know. I did notice the German units are speaking English if that matters... I really can't figure out why I get these CTDs when I teleport near a group of German soldiers. However, I played several hours and do not seem to be getting CTDs if I just play a mission without cheating (teleporting). cheers k p.s. - I did some more testing tonight - seems if I equip RPZB I get CTD. Especially, if I try to view my character in 3rd person view. This might explain why I am getting CTDs with axis units some of the time. Maybe if it's an AT group equipped with RPZB I get the CTD, but if its an infantry group without RPZB I don't get CTD?? Also I do not have any animation when reloading for RPZB or BazookaM1. Bazooka no CTD, but RPZB CTD in 3rd person view. Wonder if something changed with RPZB in Ver 1.09 and 1.10. Just a hunch. Maybe I just had a bad patch or something when upgrading manually from 1.08. Anyway... at least the RPZB seems to be my problem - whether its a problem with IFA3 or just a bad install on my end not sure. Hope it helps - sorrow if I am putting you on a wild chase or something with these error reports. -confirmed - did a bit more testing - some of the Soviet engineers have RPzB if I get near them, equip RPzB myself or get near any unit with RPzB game CTDs. Maybe it's my install but could someone please check this out for me and see if they can replicate the error? ty
  8. Yes I can replicate it outside my mission. I made several new missions, no scripts other than mapclick teleport so I can test this. Not 100% everytime but pretty much about 50% if I teleport near a group of German infantry the game crashes CTD. I played all sorts of various combinations using IFA3 ver 1.10. I played as OPFOR and BLUEFOR, German, Soviet and whenever I get near a group of German infantry about 50% of the time the game CTDs. If I teleport near Soviet infantry, Soviet tanks, German tanks, trucks, APCs, CSAT, NATO, no CTDs the game is fine. The thing is I would blame BIS but this does not happen in ver 1.08 in IFA3. I can teleport around the map all day while mission building in IFA3 ver 1.08 and never have a single CTD. This all started with ver 1.09 and seem to have same problem in ver 1.10. At least for me... it seems to only effect groups of German infantry so maybe that is the entity that is the cause. As I said... this does not happen with BLU_F, RKKA or any other faction. It does not happen with the axis tanks or apcs or trucks but only a group of infantry so it seems. I did look at my RPT file and I have some errors - about missing speech files, as well as soldiers being unable to store certain items in their vests. Is it possible some of the sounds are messed up and when the infantry leader speaks it cause game to CTD??? Also, I don't want to make this sound like a huge problem. I can play the game for hours without a CTD as long as I don't teleport near a group of German infantry. In a mission nobody is going to be teleporting around I just do that for testing out things to see what is going on while mission building. It's annoying for certain, but I haven't had any actual 'gameplay' problems... yet. But I need to spend more time playing and less time scripting so I don't know if this is a problem that will creep up during play or not.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2qjv1t8qoz6zdei/a3crash4kju.zip .Kju here is the crash report files from my appdata folder for A3. I don't know what any of it means or how to read it. The game crashes CTD with IFA3 with ver1.09 or 1.10 anytime I teleport mapclick in my mission to a group of AI or walk up on them. Ver 1.08 I have no crashes CTD. I am not using any addons for AI like UPSMON or UPS or anything other than BIS_FNC_TASKPATROL in the mission. cheers k
  10. Ok I got it working with AIAStandalone. No error messages either using BAT launcher. So I moved everything @IF related to my A3 directory and it runs fine V 1.10. Question though? Can I delete A2/OA now? What about future patches will it will find the mod files in A3 directory or will I need to keep the files in A2/OA to patch and move them again? FYI the pistols work with VAS now too thanks for patching that so fast. I do want to say though I get some lock up CTD since ver 1.09 and v1.10 and I can make it happen repeatedly. If I have mapclick set player position enabled (for mission testing) and map click near a large group of AI the game will CTD everytime as it trys to render the units on screen. It doesn't do this in ver 1.08. It could be a graphics driver problem or just too many AI in my mission - but it does not do this in ver 1.08 after repeated tests of reinstalling 1.08, 1.09, 1.10 so many times I've driven myself mad. lol - I apologize I am work today and should have included a crash log or RPT before reporting this and I won't be able to until tmrw when I get back home. FWIW, if I map click near a couple of groups of AI the game does not crash until I close the map and as it is rendering the units on screen it locks up ARMA and CTD with the units still in a lower level of LOD. It's like it's trying to draw them on screen at low level LOD and then CTD. When I get home tmrw will send you a crash log and RPT. Otherwise, the MOD is coming a long great really impressed with it. cheers k
  11. Can we use AIASTANDALONE to install now or do we still have to have A2/OA??
  12. Thanks .kju - I think what you guys are doing is awesome with the conversion. Also any time frame on when V1.09 will be on PW6?? I did patch to 1.09 manually and it's just awesome but I did have some errors and issues with PW6 so am eager to do a fresh reinstall with PW6 to V1.09 - Anyway, just so great what you are doing for us ARMA WWII fans. cheers k
  13. Not sure if this should be in the VAS thread or IF MOD thread but I noticed the IF pistols do not work with VAS ammobox. Everything else seems to work fine - uniforms, vests, rifles, items, etc.. At first I thought maybe it was a uniform issue where the pistols didn't have a holster or something along those lines - but if I add a default A3 pistol to the box I can equip my IF soldiers with it. Tried all the pistols M1895, TT33, Luger and also the 1911 from the DLC and none of them work with VAS. They do work fine in a regular ammo crate. Just wondered if it was something in the config for the IF pistols that could be worked out? I doubt the creator of VAS is going to fix it for IF pistols and VAS is probably the best ammobox would be great to have it fully functional for IFA3. cheers k