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  1. Any new updates soon? cheers. If you have said it earlier, i am sorry for not noticing it.
  2. teipgas55

    Ultimate Soldier 2

    Is there possible to do any like regenerating health or that you have more health? just wondering
  3. You could maybe add some gloves to the USMC and have some USMC units to have googles on their helmets? :)
  4. So no update this weekend? ;-; so when will the big update occure?
  5. teipgas55

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    What i have seen some Force recons use Holographical sights on their M4a1, pic here http://d2.static.dvidshub.net/media/thumbs/photos/1308/1001847/450x321_q75.jpg maybe you could make so that some Force Recon units use Holographics
  6. What kind of A2 mods works with this mod?...any like USMC rexturing mods perhaps?
  7. Oh shit sorry didn't see that! thanks ---------- Post added at 14:14 ---------- Previous post was at 14:12 ---------- So Kaelies about the Humvee will it have only Woodlands/green camo/paint or desert too?
  8. Wow this forum is standing still,anything big coming?
  9. teipgas55

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    I'm with Evan, why not both? haha love that GIF/Meme
  10. teipgas55

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    Oh...why not make a new optional rifleman with an M4? once again just an idea, random picture of one http://sadefensejournal.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/mdm_1.jpg, love the units still tho :)
  11. teipgas55

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    Ever thought of giving the M4 an ACOG sight? :)
  12. http://www.defense.gov/transformation/images/photos/2007-01/hi-res/DRILLS%203.jpg here's a pic of them using :)
  13. teipgas55

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    Same here, sounds great :)
  14. teipgas55

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    That sounds great:D
  15. teipgas55

    N-B U.S.M.C Project

    I just wanted to ask if you considered doing like special units looking like this --->http://s3.gamefreaks.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/battlefield-4-character-render-2.jpg and like this --->http://cdn.bf4central.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/new-battlefield-4-features-second.jpg, i know these are from Bf4 but they look pretty cool and they would be cool idea for some special operators without helmets^_^