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  1. Many thanks for the reply! This is exactly what the issue was (referring to 'buildings2_ind_cementworks.pbo' in AIA TP 1/1/15 causing a crash) I just slid in the Arma 2 version and the problem is no longer apparent. Cheers,
  2. Well, within ~1km of Chernogosk city. Either approaching or flying around for ~30secs
  3. Hey guys, Can anyone confirm a crash when close to Chernogosk in Chernarus? Happening everytime. Using just CBA to test. Last few lines of rpt: 15:45:12 SimulWeather - Cloud Renderer - noise texture file is not specified! 15:45:14 SimulWeather - Cloud Renderer - noise texture file is not specified! 15:45:28 Strange convex component07 in ca\buildings\misc\lampa_sidl_2.p3d:geometry 15:45:43 Starting mission: 15:45:43 Mission file: 15:45:43 Mission world: Chernarus 15:45:43 Mission directory: 15:45:44 Attempt to override final function - bis_functions_list 15:45:44 Attempt to override final function - bis_functions_listpreinit 15:45:44 Attempt to override final function - bis_functions_listpostinit 15:45:44 Attempt to override final function - bis_functions_listrecompile 15:45:45 Attempt to override final function - bis_fnc_missiontaskslocal 15:45:45 Attempt to override final function - bis_fnc_missionconversationslocal 15:45:45 Attempt to override final function - bis_fnc_missionflow 15:45:58 Land_Ind_Mlyn_02: light_1 - unknown animation source Light_1_source 15:45:58 Land_Ind_Mlyn_02: light_2 - unknown animation source Light_2_source Thanks
  4. Hi guys, Search for this didn't find anything current I ran a headless client scenario. Prior to the switch to steam (post BattleEye) one could run multiple Arma 2 instances with a server by using a reg key switch for the cd key. Post the patch relating to the BattleEye shutdown, I'm unable to get the second instance to connect to the server, presumably due to a cd key issue. Just wondering if anyone has a workaround for this? Many thanks,
  5. vindaboner


    Hey guys, Amazing scenario! Surprised it is not getting more banter One bug I am seeing with the dev build and a dedicated server is the tornado sound is not following the tornado. remains at the 'spawn' place. (apologies if already been reported) Great stuff otherwise, will keep playing Also in my humble opinion: > Take out the auto respawn, add a revive script instead to encourage teamwork and increase 'survivorship tension'
  6. Hi guys, I've searched around a tried a few ideas with no joy. I was wondering how do I simply make the following script loop every 3 minutes? Many thanks! While {true} do { Sleep 180; { _dropunits = _x; if ((side _dropunits) == east) then { if ( ({(_dropunits distance _x) > 2000} count playableUnits) == ({isplayer _x} count playableUnits) ) then { deletevehicle _dropunits; }; }; } forEach _dropunits; Sleep 10;
  7. Hi guys, I'm stumped and haven't found an existing solution so asking here. For headless client spawned AI, what profile file does it reference for the 'skillEnemy=' and 'precisionEnemy=' variables? My config is: Game and ded server run on box 1, HC on box 2, in server config box 2's IP is listed under 'localhost' for unlimited bandwidth. Scripts/spawn etc run correctly. HC is started from Arma 2 Launcher. The game does read the profile on the HC box, but doesn't appear to acknowledge the skill/precision values. The HC is a civilian that spawns OPFOR only. Thinking as it's a civ it might be a problem some how? Tried also setting friendly skill/precision but to no avail. Server spawned AI read the server profile correctly. My group is all for a challenge but being sniped by a Bison carrier at 300m in the woods is something else. What am I missing or have overlooked? Many thanks for looking!
  8. Hi guys, I've got the following code I'm trying to tinker so that went all players on side WEST are "NORRN_unconscious" drn_var_escape_allplayersdead fires as per: class Item1 { position[]={16117.234,0.25213534,13846.944}; a=0; b=0; rectangular=1; age="UNKNOWN"; expCond="isServer && isMultiplayer && drn_escapeHasStarted && ({(_x getVariable ""NORRN_unconscious"")} count playableUnits == count playableUnits)"; expActiv="call drn_fnc_Escape_SetMissionCompleteTasks;drn_var_Escape_AllPlayersDead = true;publicVariable ""drn_var_Escape_AllPlayersDead"";"; class Effects { }; I've tinkered around and search for a solution but few examples where norrin are used and none with a HC player increasing the 'playableunits' Anyhelp greatly appreciated! Cheers
  9. vindaboner

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Re: UPSMON, although not A3, I have UPSMON working in A2 Process is: init.sqf call precompile UPSMON for all clients (probably redundant) spawn AI via if(isHC) = execVM spawnscript Within spawnscript init UPSMON.sqf post unit spawn Note within the UPSMON scripts there are a few if(!isserver) instances that need to be set just to run on the HC. The above could probably be done more efficiently, however, it appears to work for me (although is not fully tested). When I say 'work' that's with UPSMON debug on, script only allowed to run on the HC, UPSMON enabled units clearly operating on the map and confirmed visually etc. Hope that helps
  10. Bump - having same issue I believe it's a bugged that was solved in 'ALICE2' that is only for OA however and doesn't retro apply to A2 maps (or so I believe)
  11. Thanks Naught, Does you recommendation to change the !isserver statements to hasinterface && !isserver extend to the other scripts in the mission to be compatible with your mod? The key observation is while the AI transfers to the HC essentially all the units that are spawned in via scripts are 'motionless'. I've been able to transfer certain spawns to the HC via editing the !isserver statements but would be great to use your script for everything. Many thanks!
  12. Hi Naught, When you say 're-run UPSMON on them', is that executing UPSMON on the HC? ie via running your config.sqf: if (!isServer && hasInterface ) exitWith {}; If feel your script is very close to being able to be dropped into UPSMON. There is just one line of code somewhere that needs proper placement Many thanks,
  13. Thanks guys for the responses and idea. I'm continuing to tinker around with it an will post any worthwhile findings I make. Cheers
  14. Hi guys, Noob question - I'm attempting to implement this script into Escape Chernarus. It uses UPSMON 5.0.9. I note the comments this might not work with it. Upon spawning in the AI do not move which usually patrol and presumably UPSMON to function. Can I just confirm pls that will be due to the incompatibility or could it be that I have stuffed something else up? Thanks,
  15. Hi guys, Thanks for looking I've edited (for private lan use) Engima's Escape Chernarus significantly. All credit to the team that built it. A major issue is the build up of units/groups on map outside the operational area ie. the party may 'escape' one region of the map and leave a large force of ~100+ AI km's away that practically are not going to re-engage the party. The loss of server perf is noticeable over time. Is there an easy way to add to the following script a 'far away' check that will delete the unit/group if it exceeds say x/km? Engima uses a 'far away' script for ambient units/vehicles/groups but not for the actual search groups as far as I can tell. Here is the searchgroup SQF: Here's the 'far away' portion from the ambient infantry script. I'd imagine this could be slotted into the above somehow but my 'hack' efforts have been futile: Many thanks,