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  1. I was thinking about, seem to be a good way to keep realism, but if I do so, it will need a huge manual just like Dangerous Waters. Target Motion Analysis would be very good especially for subsurface units, but it's so complex that would need a player/AI exclusively for this operation. I'm also thinking about make an Air Operations simulation, since for surface ships, Aircrafts would bring an expansion of the ship activities (sensors, weapons, maneuvering, etc.). Yes, it's that yellow guy making crazy hand signs on the Flight Deck. http://www.defesaaereanaval.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Super-Lynx_Cross-Deck_07.jpg (196 kB) Thanks for the support people.
  2. Arma 3 - War Beyond the Horizon This Total Conversion aim to simulate the Command of a Ship in its minimal details, based on simulations like Jane's Dangerous Waters and Fleet Command. Possibilities like operate a radar, sonar, ESM antenna, navigation of the ship, engines and pumps control, etc will be avaible in this contest. In multiplayer, the idea is to let players (or server admin) choose their stations to battle against each other. The main gameplay will be fully altered and the "so waited" walkable-ship is not a priority, but maybe something to be studied. Gameplay Overhaul We, fans of the OFP/ArmA series, know well how the air supremacy, artillery support, reinforcements deploy and so many other things, have a great importance during tough missions. But among those soldiers holding rifles, there are brains that would like to be tested beyond the visual range, they want to go further, they want War Beyond the Horizon. The possibility to detect an enemy, to track him and sink it, its one of the most difficult tasks of a Navy Warship, every single act has a consequence, every single radio wave its a flare in the dark, every single noise its a scream in the mist. For every type of fighter, there must be a type of war: sonar operator, identifies a noise and its bearing; radar operator, detect a radio wave emission and its location; engines control supervisor, verify oil temperature, pressure and repair damages in the propulsion system. There are many more, but the more experienced must be the Commander of the ship, since he knows everything and how everything works inside his ship, weapons, sensors, propulsion, etc.. Its not possible to determine, now, how many and what are the operation stations, since it will vary from ship class/type, but I aim to put a man in each sensor console, be it AI or player (multiplayer). Inside the ship, a Commander will be able to visit every operation station like Sensors Console, Weapons Control, Flight Deck, Bridge, but the more significant is the CIC (Combat Information Center), where the battle (virtual or not) realy happens. Ship characteristics must be the closest to reality, so the simulation will have its objective fulfilled. Since the possibility to walk on ship's deck while moving is not the high priority, the selected layout of vehicle for the ships will be Nimitz like, a group of objects with 'driveable' weapons attached to it. A destroyer, for example, will be basically made of three 3d objects, the bow, aft and the half-nau. This division will provide the possibility to control damage on a ship based on where it have been hit and which components (sensors, weapons and personal) have been damaged there. A Damage Control Supervisor station will be also required, so the Commander won't need to care about saving the aft of the ship while enemy is still operational. It's also a concept in mind the 'crew system', where each class and speciality of sailor will have a specific repair time bonuses. Since i'm Brazilian and the main ambient of the navy will be US Navy, i'm still thinking about it. Features World Features - Water properties like Pressure (based on depth), Temperature, Salinity, Conditions based on Weather (Sun, Wind, Rain, Snow); - Ambient Noises (Sea Condition, Biologic, Own, Aircraft, Ship Traffic); - Radio Waves used by Radars - Communication Integration with ACRE radio frequencies; - Acoustic Waves used by Sonars; - New Sea Animals; - Sea drift simulation based on Weather (Sun, Wind, Rain, Snow); Seamanship Features - Mooring System based on Bollard Positions on the docks; - Anchor System using the Sea Drift simulation; - Ballast System for every type of ship; - Actual Marking and Actual Course System for navigation and detection of contacts; Navigation, Communication, Surveillance and Weapons Features - Cannons, Missiles and Torpedoes that can be detected, tracked and avoided with countermeasures; - Chaff Shield System; - Radars System; - Sonars System; - Various Frequencies Comm System; Engine Features - Current Engine properties like Temperature, Pressure of the boilers, Pressure of the Water Network, etc; - Stabilizer System; - Energy Generators System; Command System - Multi-view like Dangerous Waters system (3rd Person, Free View, Bridge, etc.); - Command through waypoint, point-and-click or heelman orders; - Recieve actual and instantly report from Departments Chiefs; - Order your crew to do stuff*; Damage System - Based on Ship Sections; - Flood; - Fire; - Equipment destroyed, even when section was repaired; - Damage Control Actions; - Repair; - Sink based on damage; Avaible Unit Types - Surface: Attack Boats, Patrol Vessels, Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers and Carriers; - Subsurface: Submarines; - Air: ASW Aircrafts, AWACS; Anyway, I'm still working some scripts and its GUI's, that will be my first step in the Total Conversion. Any news I'll post it here, see ya. =) ---------- Post added at 22:42 ---------- Previous post was at 22:41 ---------- Navigation Radar GUI on the way, Terma Scanter based operation, keyboard and rollerball. http://oi60.tinypic.com/25992jc.jpg (241 kB) working the first navigation radar script, it will trace a line from the emission point (radar antenna) plus its minimum echo range return and the maximum range of the radar, for each degree in 360 degrees. Trying to figure out how to check if the current position given is sea or object (ship, land, unit, building, etc,.)
  3. Nice texture work there! If those BIS models were open p3d's we could add the Landing Gear to it :/... Anyway, can't wait to see the Brazilian Marines taking over a Altian beach!
  4. Nice work for the team and even more for the Ckrauslo effort. I believe that for Marines, the Super Puma or Super Cougar and the CLANF (AAV7) would be the most significant ones, for Amphibious assault and Air transported assault. Unffortunelly our Navy doesn't have a descent Air Carrier (NAe São Paulo), neither an Amphibious Assault Ship, but we use well the NDCC's for that. By the way, the Super Tucano pilot uniform will have it's patches on ? Just like this photo: http://www.defesaaereanaval.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/23_04_12_2gav5_autoridades1.jpg (734 kB) Anyway its a huge step for Brazilian mod lovers. Good luck!
  5. Ckrauslo, you mean the .rtm file that define the animation of the unit, just like the "Static Line Parachute Mod" being made by a Canadian clan. It would be cool if we could edit it same way those guys did, making the unit with parachute make a feet together stance, its the correct stance on para drops.
  6. Nice... front bag its the Reserve 'chute ?
  7. Nice work there John, T-10 look's almost done and MC-5 its realy awesome. It will need a script to make the animation of that "Pilot Chute" in the back of the Parachute so it will shake just like the real one. Realy good work, keep it up!
  8. Nice! Could you modify the .skm animation so the stance of the player would be holding the magazine, like a 2nd version of the rifle (Ex: PARA-FAL; PARA-FAL Mag Grip) got it? Ckrauslo told me some tips about what he learn with US army, and what he told its true: the brazilian way to hold a weapon its definely wrong, cause it will increase the soldier's silhouette.). Good models!
  9. Great one John, I was talking with Ckrauslo about the weapons and definely the FAL and PARA-FAL its a must have necessity of the mod. Leopard its one of our most recent aquisitions in terms of MBT's, and Osorio was a good ideia in the political point of view but, like Ckrauslo said, it was definely sucks. Anyway, keep up that good work with the mod, we're very anxious to finaly have it.
  10. // Thx for the naming tips like the M4 realy looking like a HK416 and the Vest models, but talking about their role of act and what they do in the world scenario, what i've said was just an example. Of course that the GERR dont only act in Oil Rigs and Ships. I'm Brazilian Navy Electronics Specialist, I know much about what they do because I work at the CIAMA, the navy diving school. Dont only operate on Lebanon, but Haiti and almost every corner of Brazil, doing trainings or not. You're saying that this operator is using the plate 2 inches above the belly button? but he's just taking a photo for a magazine, and even in combat, this kind of unit would avoid direct combat, so 5 centimeters would not make the difference. You're probably not military, but I recognize your search for information about the gear. I dont think that you're brazilian, but you realy looks like a good student for military affairs, but plz, dont try to teach a military what a specific unit do or not. // About the new HD shots! Awesome, only who used a "Camuflado" or had been close to one using knows about the texture you have just made. Amazing, realy great job. Can't wait to see an Amphibious Assault on Altis!
  11. Realy nice job, as i've said, your doing a great job not retexturing but creating the uniform models. As for the Brazilian Navy Camo pattern (not only marines uses camo), you could get a square cut of the reference image and use "Match color..." so the camouflage color will match the reference color. But be careful, I believe that the current one its enough for now. GRUMEC - The Combat Divers of the Brazilian Navy First of all, I've got to say, there's no special unit with the versatility of the Combat Diver. Theyr training and complementary course make of them a Green and Yellow version of the Navy Seals. If you are going to make 'em, you must be sure that for a Special Operator, there is no default gear. In this photo, you can see 3 different gears layout used by them: 1 - Camo, Rebreather and Uzi for Pantanal Ops; 2 - Combat Divers Snipers (More info on next photo); 3 - GERR (Like devgru, a special team inside a special unit), they use to takeover oil platforms and merchant ships. A Sniper/Spotter GRUMEC Team, the sniper's using a M82A1 12,7mm and the spotter a Ultima Ratio 7,62mm. Like you can see, their camouflage its not a common one. In this one, you can verify their very new uniform: the GRUMEC Combat Shirt based on Brazilian Navy Camo pattern. His weapon its a HK416 with ACOG, Supressor and IR PEQ-15 attached. Using a Kufiya for high temperatures grounds. Cant give you the exactly name of the vest, but its a very modern one by the look. Anyway, if you need help we will be here. See ya!
  12. I remember that in OA, i've tried through many ways to develop brazilian themed mods. Since that I'm a Brazilian Navy Corporal (Electronics Especialist), I have a particular atention to those types of mods. I would apreciate to help with some Naval information like Brazilian Marine Corps and the mysterious GRUMEC, wich that I could say, its one of the best special forces unit in Brazilian Armed Forces, with doctrine based on USN Seals and the French Nageur de Combat, their gear and weapons aren't for joke, didn't use IA2 because it was tested by the group and by COMANF's, and wasn't accepted due to many problems of firing and recharging... Our Marines uses the M16A2, the granadiers uses the M203 attachment. For a Brazilian Campaign out of our homeland, the Marines would go first due to mobility and would install a Amphibious Operation at the theather of war. So, any help needed about Brazilian Navy and other forces, i'll be pleased to help...