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  1. As mentioned already: - Aircraft intercom system - Relay towers (mountable and destroyable for mission purposes) - Ambient sound over radio These three should be more than sufficient for now ;)
  2. Congrats on getting to the finalists stage of MANW Addons, nkey! :)
  3. I tried to search for this answer, but couldn't find it. Tried to look in the init to, without luck, so here goes: Is there a way to in the init set the Delete Player Body on respawn to true? I know we can use the module for this, but we'de rather hard code this.
  4. Not sure if you already got this fixed. But check the path that is says that it can't find the raven_keys, and compare with the path you actually have in userconfig. The path is supposed to be: ...Arma 3\userconfig\RQ11RAVEN\raven_keys.hpp
  5. Barazin

    CH View Distance Addon

    Suggestion: As I most often set the values once, and forget about it. Could it be possible to add an option to move the settings menu for this into the ESC menu? I don't like to have to much on my action menu. Just an idea.
  6. Barazin

    JNS Skycranes

    Good job! Looks great.
  7. For The Lord, Lord Jarhead!!!
  8. Fair point. As you say, the visual feedback should give you an idea of starting to rest your weapon. :) Thanks for clarifying.
  9. I love the idea of this, but without having tested this, I'm afraid it might nerf the LMG's abilities too much? Like in real life, if you really really had to raise your weapon, you'd find the strenght to do it. I believe a version of this where sway and recoil get's affected, not raising/lowering the weapon, would be better for game balance. Just a quick thought though. :)
  10. That was it! Sometimes, the simplest of things... Thank you :)
  11. Hi again nkey Quick question if you know: I've managed to create some customized version of the tf_anprc152, tf_rf7800str and tf_rt1523g. They are all working just fine, except a minor issue on the tf_rf7800str and tf_rt1523g. When I press key to talk, it shows hint as normal in right corner of the screen, but it doesn't show which frequency I'm talking on. Everything else is shown (radio name, channel), just not the frequency. This works just fine with the modified tf_anprc152.
  12. Barazin

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hi I have a small suggestion: In the map marker function, add the possibility to select which channel to post the marker in (side, global, direct, vehicle etc). Disregard, this is discussed on the GitHub: #1227
  13. Great! That worked. Thanks!
  14. Hi nkey Is is possible to use hiddenSelectionsTextures or something similar (maybe a class in your code) to use a edited version of the .paa for for example the anprc152? I've tried with hiddenselectionstextures, but it doesn't seem to work. Thanks :)