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  1. Rex_Ursus

    Proman Public crCTI

    Thank you.
  2. Rex_Ursus

    Proman Public crCTI

    Is there somewhere I can go to learn how to operate all the command controls? In english?
  3. Yes. I agree. Is someone good enough to do it? ---------- Post added at 20:48 ---------- Previous post was at 20:47 ---------- Yes. It would be easy and uncomplicated as well.
  4. I am still trying to make this work. Where does the included alive.cfg file go? Is this what I am missing? does that @arma2 file go somewhere? Also: When I try to load one of the sample missions I choose a slot and continue, then it appears to load then at the end just hang there forever. It eventualy just crashes after hanging for a long time.
  5. Now the old duplicates have disappeard and I have a new set of them. This must be a BI bug.
  6. They are not in the addons folder and have been removed from where I put the @folders. Can't find them but they keep showing up.
  7. There is an old and un-answered question posted about this. It suggested I post again. Some of the addons I add show up in the expansion menu twice. And when I take them out, including the keys one copy remains even though I took it out. How do I get rid of the multiple copies and how do I take it out of the list when I already took it out?
  8. Rex_Ursus

    Expansions Menu showing multiple copies

    I too am having this problem. I searched the forum and this one keeps coming up so i will post again if no one answers.
  9. Tried the windows key. Nothing. I tried binding left ctrl + enter key to custom control number 20. Nothing. I am following the first tutorial exactly, and cannot find the key that brings up the menu that allows me to teleport etc. I, and others I assume, need help with this simple matter. How do you open up the menu?
  10. Rex_Ursus

    Warfare CTI - [PERF] - Seattle, WA - www.ofps.net

    Hey Spanish. 1) Could you change the time of day to say ten in the morning? I is very bothersome looking into the sun all the time. 2) Could you map an extra pair of keys for the tactical display. Shift + Windows button does not work for everyone. 3) Could you up the missile range please. 2500meters is very very bad. 4) Could you disable the command view. It is a huge cheat and totally ruins the idea of close quarters combat. 5) Is there a way to shut off third person view for infantry only and still retain it for all vehicles including air? If so, I think it would increase the fun of infantry warfare and vehicles would retain their managability. 6) Could you shorten the starting distance of initial hq placement as it would really mix up starting locations and leave a lot of doubt as to where the enemy may be actually starting out. The way it is now just turns every new game into the same old game. I have more but want to see how this goes. I am want to donate to the server upkeep but not as it stands now. Regards, Bear