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  1. Is anyone else having a problem in the second mission? I get to the convoy and find the officer, but after that I can't find the last of the rebels to accomplish the "defeat the guerillas" objective. I take out pretty much everyone around the convoy who shoots at us, I don't know why I am not accomplishing the objective.
  2. JiggatheBaws

    S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    Ok thanks, that worked as far as doing the missions. I played a few minutes and saw that my shotgun was equipped, although curiously noticed I coudln't fire when I left-clicked. Do I have to be a certain distance away from starting point to shoot?
  3. I would really like to download the AFRF version of this, but redhammer studios website is down, is there anywhere else to get it?
  4. JiggatheBaws

    S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    Hello, is it not advised to dowload the withsix version of this mod? I launch the game with the mod and get the cool stalker themed menu, but I do not know where to find the missions. I have looked in campaign, single missions, and the editor with namals selected, but I do not see any missions using the stalker stuff!
  5. JiggatheBaws

    Project '85 missions

    thanks Dmitri. I can't wait to download them!
  6. JiggatheBaws

    Project '85 missions

    Hi, just recently downloaded project 85 and would love to play some of these missions as they sound fun and I can't find any current ones. Any chance someone can reupload the download links so that I too can play, even if late to the party?