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    Wargame Red Dragon

    Anyone willing to lend me this (and ARMA 3). Also one guy said that infantry is useless...he's charging them through an open field with no air cover or armor support.
  2. Cpkeyes

    SUVs are STUPID fragile

    I'm sorry, but as modder and gamer.I will have to say. Just calling a game crap and saying how "You'll never send money on it again" just because the vehicles don't preform like real life, is stupid in my eyes. And guess what, BIS is HUMAN. They make mistakes, I'm pretty sure almost every Video Game company has made at least one bad or incomplete product. At least one. Just because BIS is one of the few companies to make an actual military simulator for commercial use, does not mean that they will not make mistakes. I know ARMA 3 is getting flak and such, but I doubt, even through I don't keep up with video game news,that ARMA 2 didn't get the same initial reception, or ARMA:Armed Assault.I'm pretty sure they got crapped on at first.
  3. Hello. :D I'm assuming it's alright to use this mod for a mod I plan on making? It's a campaign mod primarily. Just want to know in advance.
  4. Hello! This isn't just a sci-fi mod, it's more of a project. We may go back to the Gaians version of the Cold War. Gaian's are the humans by the way. Anyone else?
  5. Gaian, my fellow Gaians. This war will be a hard war, one with death and misery. But we Gaians are a hardy and crafty race, and we will pull through, to see another day of freedom and liberty-Part of President Cains speech to the public after the Ragon attack. Hello there everyone, I am Cpkeyes, the leader of this project, which started on another site, and we decided to start our careers and the project with a mod for ARMA 2. This project is meant to be Sci-fi, but not crazy Sci-fi, so no need to worry. This project is open to anyone with the skills to make this happen. We have a lot of Voice Actors and story writers, but we need coders, modelers and other essentials to make this work. So, Story writer is not open, but Voice Actor is open, if you aren't that bad. We also need a map designer, and people who have the time to make this an enjoyable experiance. We are still discussing what the mod will be about, I think it should be about GDF Marines, during the Gaian-Ragon War. The Gaians is what Humans are called in this universe by the way. Sorry mods if I posted in the wrong spot, or other. I am new to this. Now let's make this work. :D
  6. I now in love for the people making this mod. :D