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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Is anyone working on rangetables ?
  2. christoffer5700

    DM sniper mission

    On that steam page maybe post some screenshots with ingame pictures of the area, units, "bases", scopes and so on i would never download that missions because it doesnt tell me enough basicly it could be 20 units placed down on a map and nothing to do but look for people
  3. christoffer5700

    Professional Voice actor available to you!

    Post some of your earlier work so people can hear your voice :)
  4. christoffer5700

    COOP 5 The Convoy

    Minuz quick question what does your unitPools.sqf from EOS look like i tried to add Aggressors into the spawning pool but it wont work with the Middle eastern ( not african or eastern europeans either ) Mine looks like this // MIDDLE EASTERN FIGHTERS if (_faction==5) then { _InfPool= ["U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_01","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_01a","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_01b","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_01c","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_01d","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_02","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_02a","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_02b","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_02c","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_02d","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_03","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_03a","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_03b","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_03c","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_03d","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_04","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_04a","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_04b","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_04c","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_04d","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_mil_01","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_mil_01a","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_mil_01","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_mil_01a","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_mil_01b","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_mil_01c","U_CAF_AG_ME_ROBES_mil_01d"]; _ArmPool= []; _MotPool= []; _ACHPool= []; _CHPool= []; _uavPool= []; _stPool= []; _shipPool= []; _diverPool= []; _crewPool= []; _heliCrew= []; }; and this is where its called null =[["Taliban1"],[2,5,100],[1,3,100],[2,10,100],[0],[0],[0,0],[5,0,500,EAST,FALSE,FALSE]] call EOS_Spawn;
  5. Hey folks im trying to get some help with a trigger that is a pain in the butt Problem is i have 3 cargo boxes that i need to transport ( using Igiload ) within a trigger that will show a hint i called the cargo box(es) sup1 sup2 and sup3 Condition sup1 in thislist && sup2 in thislist && sup3 in thislist On act. hint "Task Complete bring supplies from A to B" Hope you can help me :)
  6. christoffer5700

    RH wip Thread

  7. christoffer5700

    COOP 5 The Convoy

    Great mission me and my friends are enjoying it ALOT!
  8. christoffer5700

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Not sure if this is the right place but i need some help :) Lets say i have a soldier named "Soldier1" and an item called "Item1" how do i make it creates a addAction when i have "Item1" equiped on "Soldier1" ? Thanks for the help