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  1. scottmillerukctrg

    Ukraine General

    SU-25 pilot admits to have shot down flight MH17. http://german.ruvr.ru/news/2014_07_29/Ukrainischer-Pilot-der-Su-25-behauptet-die-Boeing-abgeschossen-zu-haben-5917/
  2. scottmillerukctrg

    Israel General

    This is my opinion http://i.imgur.com/yy2cECD.jpg (387 kB)
  3. scottmillerukctrg

    Ukraine General

    i've just found out that a brittish couple phoned their families in the UK during the flight telling them that there was "an aicraft watching us". i think thats the ukrainian su-25.
  4. scottmillerukctrg

    Israel General

    Hamas started it. They are the ones who fired some 100 rockets at civilian areas of Israel. Israel has obviously the right to defend itself. Tell me, if your islamic neighboor starts to throw rocks at the window of your child's room, would you ask him to just stop and settle this down as friends in a diversified world or would you call him a lunatic, hit him in the face and call the cops
  5. scottmillerukctrg

    Ukraine General

    First and foremost, Syria only retaliated the bombing of Israel that wasn't after a war declaration. But not for my main point. "a few mortar rounds landed on the wrong side of the border.", you say. Now how about this. How about your neighboor taking his M4 carabine to put some rounds down the range, just to have fun. however as your neighboor is incapable of intelligent thought he shot your mother and your father in the head. twice. now, why would you get mad at him? after all, your neighbor just "shot a few 6.56 rounds on the wrong side of the fence". and for fucks sake, the berkut loyal to the new government simply started to throw rocks at the russian embassy's windows way before that. that itself is already a good reason to take over ukraine.
  6. scottmillerukctrg

    Ukraine General

    hi guys. i just came here to say that i've done the math with the help of my father who is an engineer, we did some research on the avaiable information about mh17 and if the plane was shot down by a ground to air missile, the missile was shot from the very ukrainian city of cherkassy, which is some hundred miles southeast of kiev. look it up, i think it was the ukrainian government for such geographical reason. i'd also like to add that i've watched some of the speeches and since i have some body language knowledge i can confirm that the ukrainian government leaders are lying/highly nervous when speaking but trying to hide the emotion while the russian/separatists seem to be cool and collected. ---------- Post added at 22:47 ---------- Previous post was at 22:42 ---------- someone said that air to air missile leftovers were found. that is highly compatible, but isnt the su-25 a CAS jet, rather than an interceptor? ---------- Post added at 22:52 ---------- Previous post was at 22:47 ---------- ukraine shelled russia first
  7. Is the New Development Bank going to solve the India/China tensions? For long enough India and China have been rivals but now that the New Development Bank has been created they share a common goal. Will the New Development Bank help to ease up the gas on the China-India rivarly or is it simply not enough? What do you think? Leave a reply.
  8. scottmillerukctrg

    If you're an Arab speaking man or woman

    Hi. I just need you to translate this audio from some arab TV news station, I really need it. http://search.4shared.com/postDownload/QpBlt7KRba/arab_-_Copia.html PS: If you can't open the file, download MPC-HC Media player. its free no virus, and no i'm not a fake account. just be careful when you're downloading the audio.
  9. scottmillerukctrg

    Dude, I just realized something cool

    I was reading some conspiracy theories about a guy called John Titor or something like that, the theory said that he was a time traveller from the future that worked for the United States Time Travelling Company by the year 2036. In his posts he always mentioned that there was a Third World War. He also posted pictures of what could be the time travelling device. Now see how this correlates with the Arma 3 Campaign. Maybe you guys should do some more research and find out more stuff about that because Arma 3 and this John Titor guy really correlate with each other. Thanks for your time
  10. scottmillerukctrg

    Minigun firerate

    Firerate of the minigun is extrmely low. i was testing the pawnee and i noticed that in 1 minute you have an average of 1600 rounds shot. but you also have 2 miniguns on the pawnee that means 800 rounds/minute. now remember that the real minigun fires 6000rounds a minute. so you're telling me that a game which is supposed to be a simulator has a gun that fires 7.5x less bullets than its real life version? please fix this.
  11. scottmillerukctrg

    Drop your weapons! you have 10 seconds to comply!

    Did anyone else get the reference? 8:28
  12. scottmillerukctrg

    If you have word on your PC

    I don't have it so I need to know how many lines are there in a full arial 12; 1.5 centimeter space lenght page, with all the orders as big as possible, because i'm doing a school essay. thanks
  13. scottmillerukctrg

    The Matrix to be implemented soon

    You've read it right. http://www.iflscience.com/brain/scientists-induce-lucid-dreaming-electrical-stimulation Thoughts?
  14. scottmillerukctrg

    some kind of existencial crisis

    think about this situation. there is a smart guy in your class he's indeed smart, he oftenly gets As and unlike most ppl who have the average of getting Cs. he is considered to be the smartest of the grade and bla bla bla it's been like that since you know him. but then surprisingly he gets a D grade on an exam. sometime later another D. my question is, what would you think about that? i mean would you think he's been cheating, or he's just been trough a hard time, or he is normal like any1 else? would you change your opinion this guy? why?
  15. Well, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but there is an object called "Laptop (device readings)". I found that while messing arround with the Zeus DLC, so I decided to go to the editor and take a closer look. Here's an overview. And now for the closer look. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/3280054973769109069/1CB4EEC090127D87FD4ADAEB2BF810DF5F18F457/1024x575.resizedimage (127 kB) Guys, I think we should definetely investigate the file of that object in the game folder or just try to find out what the notebook says. Maybe it wouldbe possible to connect the notebook to the device and by doing so there would be a new action avaiable in the action menu that says something like "activate device" or "start download".