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  1. kouli2fraiz

    Paradropping an arsenal

    Is it possible to attach an IR grenade to the crate ? So we can see it in the night
  2. kouli2fraiz

    Paradropping an arsenal

    Yes exactly Beerkan !! I checked and it's you in the topic I found that posted this haha :)
  3. kouli2fraiz

    Paradropping an arsenal

    Can you explain more ? I dont understand. I grabbed the previous code from a topic on the forum and I am not really good at scripting...
  4. Hello, in my mission I use cargo = "B_supplyCrate_F" createVehicle getpos thistrigger;cargo setPos [getPos thistrigger select 0, getPos thistrigger select 1, 400];[objnull, cargo] call BIS_fnc_curatorobjectedited; To make a air drop. I put this in the "on act" field of a trigger. At the moment it simply drops a crate with some stuff inside, how can I make it a virtual arsenal ?
  5. Unfortunately my server provider wont allow anonymous access. I dont have any other ftp host, do you know where I could put the autoconfig file ? :[
  6. kouli2fraiz

    Arma3sync repo setup

    My problem is now resolved, this is how I did it : Create a folder and put all your mods in it (on your computer) Create a "target folder" on your ftp where your mods will be Add a new repository and put your ftp infos Select the repository and use this button Now on the repository options : Put the folder you created in step 1 in "Repository main folder location" Set the options and click on "build" Now the .a3s folder has been created in your repository folder. Fill the options of the "upload repository" section and put ftp://blablabla/targetfolderin the host Now press the "Upload" button and your mods from your PC will upload to the target folder. You can use the autoconfig url to let your friends download after full upload :) Sorry for bad english, tell me if you have a problem :)
  7. The repository is working !! Now I'm trying to see if I can enable anonymous access with my server provider :) Thank you very much for your answers
  8. Ok I see thank you very much. Other question, am I obligated to use the "upload" option in Arma 3 sync to build the repository ? Because all the mods are already on the FTP and I would waste a lot of time uplading them a second time...
  9. So the only way to make it work is giving the login infos to all my unit ...
  10. Hello, I want to give the player 4x the ammount of normal HP. Is this possible ? I found lot of things with EH but they all seem to bug...
  11. Ok so now when I try to connect to it using the autoconfig URL it shows me this... Should I contact my server hoster and ask them how to enable anonymous user ?
  12. Tried to fix things, now it looks like this : When I try to use the autoconfig url. When I try to upload. I'm on a game server hosted at ABC Game servers. It's not a dedicated one, I just want to use it to host my repository on it. hey dont allow anonymous connections.
  13. Sorry fixed it but still got the same problem. Even if the file is in the right location.