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    Massive graphic bugs after update to 1.48

    Same 4 me...multiple graphic issues like lightning, slushy textures and fps drops like hell... My system: GTX 980 I7 4790k 32gb ram i like the arma series but...do they testing there patches by themselves? ...
  2. wildweasel5000

    The best 3D editor?

    guys...IF u take your time to watch all the tutorials all of your questions will be answered... including exporting and how things are working properly..really i recommend u to watch the videos... Chaser
  3. wildweasel5000

    Smoothing Terrain [Visitor Script]

    any news on how to import the script in TB?? regards
  4. wildweasel5000

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    An absolutely amaizing piece of innovation to the whole ARMA 3 community! Thanks for all the hours of hard work! Chaser